5 Tips for Choosing Safe Cleaning Products

Did you know that not all cleaning products are safe to use? They may have good effect in wiping out dirt and stain, but leave bad result to the health. You need to be aware if your household cleaning products have ingredients that can be harmful to your health, your kids and your pets. Those toxic chemicals are able to leave residues and fumes that may contribute to indoor air pollution, or something worse. So, what you need to do first is to find out how to spot or find the right and safe products for cleaning.

1. Check the Label – Always!

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You need to know what products you are buying. This means that you are picking items that are for home cleaning. How can you actually distinguish it if it is for dishwashing or floor cleaning? The answer is always on the label, so make sure the products you are putting in the cart have labels with the ingredients printed on it. Any product without a list of ingredients should make you doubt.

2. Know the No-No’s

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It is also helpful if you already know the difference between safe and harmful ingredients. Most commercial cleaning products are made of ingredients that have bad effects to the environment and health. One of them is ammonia toxic, which when inhaled, touched, or worse, swallowed, can cause negative side effects. Also, it becomes deadly when it is mixed with other harmful or wrong elements. Other ingredients that you must stay away from are butyl glycol, ethylene glycol, monobutyl (which are known to cause problems in the nervous system, including liver and kidneys), chlorine beach (strong and irritating to the lungs and eyes), petroleum solvents, formaldehyde, phosphates, and phthalates.

3. Be Picky for the Brand

Also, you must be aware of the manufacturing company that makes those products. It is essential that you choose brands that are known for producing safe, efficient and excellent cleaning items. This ensures that you do not waste your money and time.

4. Opt for Natural or Organic Ingredients

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The only solution that ensures your safety when using cleaning products is to go for the natural ingredients. There are many products available in stores that are labeled “non-toxic”, “eco-friendly”, “natural”, or “green”. They are good cleaning products to use at home, without any side or bad effects that can harm your health. In fact, you can just squeeze some lemons and mix them with water, and you have an instance cleaning product. You may also try vinegar for removing stains on your table, wall, or tile floors.

5. Look at Your Kitchen

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As mentioned in number four, you may choose natural ingredients for cleaning. Whether you need to remove stain on the table or mop the floor, there are actually some items that you can use which are found right in your kitchen. You may have heard about how effective baking soda is for cleaning. It’s true that this food ingredient is able to clean, and it’s definitely safe! Other than baking soda, you may use lemon juice, vinegar, and castile soap. Castile soap is a good cleaning item for washing clothes and even the body, including hair and hands, while lemon juice and vinegar, when mixed with water, have properties that rinse stain and get rid of fumes.

Through eco-friendly or all-natural cleaning products, making your home fresh, clean and safe won’t be that difficult to deal with. You do not have to buy cleaning products which you used to get in the stores if you there is a better alternative. There is nothing to worry about negative or bad effects anymore whenever you need to clean.



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