5 Steps to Mount Plates on a Wall

Plates with beautiful designs can be used as home décor. There are times where we just display expensive and China-made plates inside a transparent cabinet. For a better show, mount them on your wall. This idea allows you to be more creative and have a better decoration in a room, whether it is in the dining room or the living room.

You are probably excited to start displaying them, but before you do that, it is best that you learn the five steps of mounting plates on your wall. This helps you avoid making mistakes that can consume a lot of time. It is also a great way to prevent dropping plates because of poor installation. Here are the steps that you need to learn regarding how to properly mount plates on a wall.

Step 1: Choose Plates

plastic plates

Make sure that you do not display plastic plates in plain orange or violet color, unless you have a very unique design in mind with the use of simple designs. For instance, plain black and plain white plates that are made of glass can create a wonderful art display on a wall. But if you have plates with elegant and unique designs, why not choose those instead?

Step 2: Use a Large Piece of Paper

Piece of Paper

You can create how the plates are positioned by laying them on the paper. Arrange the plates based on your desired position. You must be creative with this by opting for symmetrical arrangement, spiral arrangement, vertical arrangement, slanting arrangement, etc. It is also a random kind of arrangement as long as it creates a very impressive outcome.

After you have finalized the arrangement or position, make a trace for each. You can use a pencil with this but it must be clear. You can number them to know the matching plate, but ensure the plates are also numbered. There must be enough space between each plate to have a better view of the plate art gallery once they are displayed. Lastly, post them on the wall where you want to display the plates.

Step 3: Attach a Peel-and-Stick Disc Hanger

On each plate, attach a peel-and-stick disc hanger, which you can buy at any local store or online. This ranges in different sizes so use ones that match the size of your plates. You need to moisten the disc hangers to stick on the back of the plate. Have them dry for several hours, or better overnight.

You can use other things but take note that these disc hangers are exclusively made for mounting plates, either plastic or ceramics. Another option you can use is any traditional wire hanger for plates. They are available in any stores, especially hardware store.

Step 4: Add Nails on the Wall

If you have a hanger or a hook for the plate, the wall must have nails. This is how you can attach the plates. They serve as hooks to keep plates mounted on the wall. Use a much thicker and larger type of nails to securely hold the plates. You hammer the nails within the circle at the most upper part of the trace you made on step 2.

Step 5: Hang the Plates

Hang the Plates

The wait is over and when the discs are dry and the nails are ready, you can mount each of them. You must display them based on the original arrangement you choose. Do not be too quick when hanging them so you won’t drop them on the floor. Just keep it nice, slow and easy.

Plates on the wall are a beautiful art and décor for home. They make the room more interesting and fabulous. You do not need to put decals or wallpapers just to accentuate your room. Mounted plates alone can do the work.



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