5 Hair Care Tools to Always Bring While on the Go

If you are a girl, you probably agree that one of the things that you want to reassure wherever you go and whatever you do is your hair. You may have some experiences that made you realize just how important a hair brush or a tie is during the time you forgot to bring one. Well, bad hair can make you look less attractive, and if you truly believe in this, better pack these five items always!

1. Comb

You can forget everything but comb, because this is a hair mess rescue! Whether you are donning a straight or curly hair, this must not be missed at all. It can detangle knotted strands and generally fix hair to make you feel more comfortable. Besides, combs come in different sizes. You need to have various types of comb or hair brushes that can fit to any bag you own, which makes it easy to bring one anytime.

2. Hair Ties

This is much handier because of its small size when compared to a comb. That means there should be no excuse not to bring one when you are going out. It can immediately solve any hair problem. Have more hair ties in simple designs or color so you can match it with any outfit. This hair accessory is not only made to help you beautify your look, but also make you more comfortable and cozy.

3. Bobby Pins

A single bobby pin is as essential as a hair tie. It is an accessory for quick hair fix. In most cases, bobby pins are worn to repair a few strands that add a more neat hair. It may not be necessary all the time but can be very important when you need one, so make sure that you have several pins in your purse.

4. Hairspray

For styling, hairspray is every girl’s best friend. Whether it is an urgent hair fix or formality, a small spray bottle of this can be a saver, too. It does hold hair together and maintain neatness. Therefore, keep one bottle on hand that let you fix hair any time. Make sure it is always refilled before you go out.

5. Headband


Who says only young girls can perfectly wear a headband? Or is it only during the wedding and you are the bride that you wear a hair piece? Many hair accessories now can be donned that accentuate your look. Headbands and other related hair accessories are good addition to your emergency kit.

It is somehow helpful to have hair emergency kit that you can bring anywhere you go. They can help fix hair whenever necessary and keep you feel convenient at all times. All these accessories may be small and lightweight, but they have big help everytime you need one of them. Besides, they are easy to bring while you are on the go. So, before you head out, check your bag if you have your hair emergency kit with you.

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