5 Green Ways to Improve Your Community

Random trash on the sidewalks, fishy odor from the canal and fallen leaves everywhere are a reality. You may normally complain, but before you do, have you done something to help make your community greener? You may not have a direct contribution as to how your community looks like now, but there’s always something you can do to help lessen the pollution and reduce waste.

Some of us do not know the big impact of we think it’s just a small and “no big deal” thing. For instance, throwing a chewed gum or a candy wrapper at the street may be just a simple thing, but that is actually the start of what we would normally complain about in our own neighborhood.

What are the things we need to do to make our community much cleaner and environmentally friendlier? Here are five ways of some green activities for your own community.

1. Reduce Driving Your Car

Normally, we do use car for travelling purposes. It is easier and quicker to reach our destination. Whether for work or for just a stop by at the coffee shop, driving a car is definitely helpful. But there is a disadvantage to the environment.

Did you know that vehicles release black smoke that is dangerous to the health and to the environment? You probably do, but there is just no way that you won’t drive your own car. This is not about against the use of vehicles. It is about convincing you to try an alternative once in a while. Go walk around for your coffee, ride on a bike for some snacks, or use the public transportation to go to the nearby park. These are useful in preventing air pollution in your society.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Materials

Another great way to decrease the amount of pollution is to have eco friendly materials for home usage. Eco friendly ingredients like lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar and recycled materials like newspapers, tin cans and plastic bottles are only some of the basic stuff that you can use for various purposes. For example, a plastic bottle of a juice drink can be used as a vase that can be filled with beautiful and fragrant flowers.

3. Throw Waste Disposal Properly

Proper disposal of waste is essential and necessary in every house, office and other commercial building. Separating the non-biodegradable materials from biodegradable ones is a key to a clean surrounding. As emphasized, biodegradable wastes, which are materials that are hard to dissolve or break out, like plastic bottles, grocery bags, glass, and metal, must be recycled. That’s the only way these things can help prevent damage to the environment.

4. Recycle Materials

Today you can find more people who are using recycled materials. They find it to be environmentally safe and budget friendly. This should be also a great option for you. As mentioned, materials that are recyclable are those that cannot decay and dissolve in time.

Scan some pages of magazines and newspapers. You will read a lot of recycling ideas. You are able to re-use many of your personal things that you would normally throw in the garbage can. You’ll be surprised to see that several items are recyclable.

5. Have Efficient Insulators

The use of insulation for energy conservation is another green idea. Considering solar power and heat insulators to be used in residential homes and commercial establishments is a great way to conserve power or energy. It does not only decrease your electricity bill, but also lessen the pollution caused by power plants. This must be an eco project of community, but any individual can buy commercial solar powers for personal and home use.

What you learn from the list of community green projects is an efficient and simple way to prevent harming the environment and the health as well. Since they are not difficult to do, these things should be included on your priority list. They help make your community a lot cleaner and greener. Anyway, you can join government program and other environmental groups whenever you can. You have to do some things on your own to help your community becomes better.



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