5 Fun Summer Sports Games for Children

The season of warm temperature and sunny days is the best time to involve our little boys and girls play some outdoor sports. It is an opportunity to do certain extracurricular activities while they spend their vacation away from school. This benefits them to stay healthy, keep energy alive, and have fun. Go ahead ask your children which sports they want to play and join. But for starters, these five amazing sports are the best plays to try.

First of all, there are factors in regards to the kind of sports to choose for your kids. You have to consider their age and size if that particular sports is available for them and safe enough. You also need to check their skills and abilities if they can do so. The most important factor is the personal interest of your kids. They need to enjoy and love the game, not just you, since you are not the one to spend time and sweat for hours.

1. Swimming

This sports is not just for fun, but can be a life saving skill in case of emergency. It will be really helpful to your kids in the future. It is also a form of workout that kids can do regularly. They like to have splash in water, which is a good way for them to exercise without you nagging them to jog in the morning or do pushups, because kids will never like those things.

Summer is the perfect time for swimming in pools and beaches, even rivers and lakes. You should start enrolling your kids to one of the local swimming schools once school is over, or at least a week after, so they can have rest.

2. Martial Arts

Kids, starting from an early age as 4, will be thrilled to hear the news that you are about to enroll them into martial art class. This is a good workout routine for both boys and girls. It provides them the opportunity to learn skills for defense, which may be helpful in case of emergency, self discipline, as well as respect.

There are many forms of martial arts from taekwondo to karate, kick boxing to boxing. You can choose one area or more as long as your children are able to do so. Again, it must be based on their interest.

3. Baseball or Softball

This American favorite and classic game is another great pick for your kids to try during summer. This is not just a sports played by an individual, but by group. It is a great chance for your kids to be socially involved as well. They can make good friends of others’ kids who have the same interest in playing baseball or softball.

Whether baseball or softball, both sports are sponsored by local residents and businesses for a small or little league. Most of the games are initiated during summer and spring. Make sure that you enroll your kids as early as possible, right even before the end of school, to get slots.

4. Basketball

For boys, basketball can be a fun game they can play during summer as well. You may opt for a less informal basketball game. That means you do not have to enroll your kid to a formal school, if you have their dad who can teach them or a teenager cousin. Just set up a ring and buy a ball, then everybody can start playing right in your own backyard.

5. Tennis

One excellent type of sports for both girls and boys is tennis. It is an enjoyable game that may involve social interaction, coordination and teamwork. It can be played by an individual with an opponent, which is a single game, or a double game, in which two players are in one team battling for another pair.

Most of the time, sports, such as swimming, martial arts, baseball, softball, basketball, and tennis, are offered for kids during summer time. Parents must talk to their children regarding this idea if they have the interest to join. It must be based on a mutual decision between parents and children. If one of your kids is not interested in playing baseball, but wants to try football, you should be the number one supporter and fan. Do not just settle for the sports you want for them. Let them choose, so they can fully enjoy from that start until they completely finish the sessions.

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