5 Foods that You Must Not Refrigerate

Be it a summer or spring season, there are certain foods that are not recommended to store in a refrigerator. It is not also a common thing for most homeowners. Since you are this page, I encourage you to continue reading and learn which food items must be kept safe on the table, in the pantry or anywhere in the kitchen but the fridge.


1. Tomatoes

This red fruit is commonly stored in the fridge because it tastes good to eat it when it is cold. Some people think it freshens the tomatoes make it more delicious to bite. Well, that is a myth, because tomatoes become gross and mushy when they are refrigerated. But remember to have the tomatoes chopped or cooked when they are already ripe. Do not wait until they get too ripe as that makes them more ideal to be liquefied to become tomato jam, tomato juice, tomato paste or tomato sauce.


2. Potatoes

Filled with starches, potatoes are not recommended to refrigerate. The coldness of the fridge can break down starches that are naturally present in this crop food. The outcome is that it becomes grainy and unpleasantly sweet. Experts recommend to keep dry and cool them in a dark area, such as the inside of a kitchen cabinet or one of the shelves of a pantry.


3. Apples

Sometimes, it feels good to eat apples while they are freshly taken out of the fridge that have been refrigerated for hours. Again, like potatoes and tomatoes, apples should be kept cool anywhere safe in the kitchen except the refrigerator. The nutrients of apples are etched off, making them less nutritious. Besides, it is better to display this fruit in a basket on the countertop or on the dining table.

4. Melons

Cantaloupes, watermelons and honeydews are favorite fruits of most people from kids to adults. They are very juicy that makes them a great ingredient for some refreshing smoothies. While they are best served with ice and milk, remember to keep them off the refrigerator. These fruits do contain antioxidants that may potentially be lessened when they are cooled in the fridge. You can only put them in the fridge once the melons are cut and you have a few slices left to eat later.

5. Berries and Stone Fruits

There are other fruits that must be placed in the any area of the kitchen but the fridge. Those fruits that belong to the berry name, such as blackberry, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry, as well as stone fruits, like apricots, peaches, and plums, are suggested to keep in a dry, cool place. The tendency of getting them refrigerated is that they become easily moldy and soggy. Unless you want them to ripe soon, do not put these certain fruits inside your fridge.

Actually, foods that should not be refrigerated are not limited to five of them. Others that are not recommended to chill in this appliance are honey, garlic, and onions.

Bananas are sometimes refrigerated, too. There is nothing wrong with that but they can be mushy, only perfect to use for smoothies and baked goods. If you prefer to just eat them raw with their natural condition, then better put them on the countertop.

Peanut butter must not be also placed in the fridge. You won’t have an easy time spreading them to your sandwich.

Bread and other pastries may be stored in your fridge, but be aware that they become tougher in texture and less tasty. The only reason why you have to refrigerate them is when you want to preserve them for later bites or used as cake pop ingredients.

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