5 Foods for a Beautiful Skin

There are some foods that are very healthy and recommended for specific needs of certain parts of the body. One of the body organs, which is actually the largest of them all, is the skin. This needs to remain moisturized, young looking, flawless, and healthy.

Other than applying essential products, skin can be well taken care of by the foods we eat. There are particular foods, from fruits to vegetables and nuts to snacks, that can make our skin healthier and more glowing. Here are the best ideal foods that you must regularly take to have a better and more beautiful, youthful skin.


1. Chocolate

Unless you are diabetic or suffering from high level of sugar, chocolate is good to eat for the hope of having a glowing skin. The dark chocolate has better effect on skin because of its antioxidant properties. Doctors and beauty experts suggest eating chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa. This particular ingredient helps skin rehydrated, which results to a firmer and a more supple skin.


2. Yogurt

Dermatologists say that yogurt is an anti-wrinkle and ant-bacterial agent. There are living microorganisms in yoghurt and the high amount of protein in it has great benefits in the skin. It can help make your skin firmer and healthier. That said, eat a cup of yogurt a day to make your skin complexion lighter and smoother.


3. Walnuts

If you want to have softer skin, walnuts are your best solution to achieve that effect. This type of nut is rich in omega-3, which is actually good to make skin more elastic. It also contains copper, which is another good property, mineral in particular, that can help the body gets more collagen, and it does contribute to have a healthier skin. Biting a handful of this nut daily as your snack can improve the complexion of your skin.


4. Pomegranates

Many fruits have nutrients that keep healthy and repair cells in skin. One of them is pomegranates, which is packed with ployphenol, a very common antioxidant agent. This property helps you avoid getting free radicals. That can result to a normal blood flow in the skin. It is also able to provide rosiness, making skin more glowing. You can eat raw pomegranates or make them a juice that you should take daily to get the benefits needed for your skin.

Bell Peppers

5. Bell Peppers

If you are not aware, green and yellow vegetables do help minimize wrinkles, especially around the eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to have yellow, green or red bell peppers daily as they contain high amount of carotenoids. This is an antioxidant that is able to improve skin by making it look younger and more beautiful. Also, this helps lessen your skin’s sensitivity against the ray of the sun.

These particular foods are very absolutely healthy, but they are beneficial to the skin. If you like to keep your skin beautiful or want it look more glowing and youthful, maybe it is necessary that you double or triple your intake of those fruits, vegetables, and snacks. Besides, these are foods that are always available. You can make any dishes out of those ingredients other than eating them raw.

It is basic to take care of your own skin because that is part of beauty and hygiene regimen. But it must not just be eating particular foods that contribute much in keeping skin healthier. Your habits must also include enough hours of sleep, amount of water and regular exercise. If you are too careful with your skin, you must do all the necessary things to make it look beautiful, more glowing, and healthier.



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