5 Best Remedies to Treat Acne Naturally

Teenagers and adults, especially ladies, are prone to have skin problem. The most common of them all is acne or pimple. If you have the same facial skin problem, the best way to treat it is to use natural ingredients. Here are five food ingredients that can naturally help prevent and cure acne.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon has acidic property, which is a good solution to treat acne. It has the ability to clean dirt and remove bacteria. This is a quick and safe way to treat acne. Just squeeze some lemon juice and soak cotton before you apply on the affected area. It is also a good cleansing solution for your face to further prevent having pimples in the future. Before you sleep at night, try to apply some lemon juice on your face for cleaner and better result. Do not forget to rinse it with water after 20 minutes.

2. Orange Juice and Peel

Like lemon, orange has the same acidic property, but higher in vitamin C. In short, it is an excellent solution to cure pimples. The juice of orange must be applied on the face, especially the affected area. Let it dry on the face for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with warm water after. Other than the juice, the peel of orange is also a good treatment against acne. Dry the peel under the sun for hours and grind it to become powder. Mix the orange peel powder with water and stir until it forms into a paste. That makes it a great acne solution to apply on the face.

3. Honey

Honey is also a good natural treatment for acne. This has moisturizing and antiseptic properties that get rid of bacteria. Apply some honey on the face, particularly the affected area. After 20 to 30 minutes, rinse it with warm water. Another facial mask solution of using honey is to mix it with powdered nutmeg or lemon juice. It is recommended that you put on this facial mask every night to completely get rid of acne.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber is known to improve eye vision and treat minor eye irritation. Other than that, it is also a good ingredient to cure acne. This has cooling effect, which makes it a perfect solution against pimples. What you need to do is to blend some slices of cucumber and mix them with a teaspoon of unflavored yogurt. Stir until it becomes a paste. Apply on your facial skin and leave it to dry for 30 minutes, before rinsing with warm water.

5. Toothpaste

If in case you do not have any of the four natural ingredients mentioned above, toothpaste is a good alternative. The properties of toothpaste can burn acne. Hence, a very excellent treatment for acne.

You do not have to go to a local salon for some facial treatment. There is no need to buy expensive products for skin care. Just have these ingredients and treat your acne naturally. You won’t only help get rid of pimples, but also save an incredible amount of money.



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