5 Best Materials for Roofing

One part of a house that provides warmth and cooling is the roof. The problem is that not all roofing materials are excellent in terms of heating and cooling the atmosphere in your house. Some are only efficient in giving you warm climate, while others add cold to the temperature. So, what should you do then? Well, there are several good energy-efficient roofing materials you can install in your house. Here are five of them that you can select.

1. Slate Tile

Slate tiles are a very good choice of material to install to the roof. This kind of roofing material is sturdy. It is a durable material that can last for many, long years. Also, it does not require high maintenance. To add that, this material is stunning to look upon. There are plenty of colors that you can select from, whether they are light colored, darker or earth toned. Regardless of the color, this roofing can reduce heat. It has natural reflective properties that prevent overheating.

Like other standard roofing materials, slate tiles do have imperfections too. First, it is costlier than others, so you may need to shell out some bucks. Another one is that it is difficult to carry, transport and install because of its heavy weight.

It really does not matter if slate tiles are pricey and heavy. It is still among the favorite materials for roof because it can cool the atmosphere, especially during summer or when the temperature is hot.

2. Cool Color Concrete Tile

If you want the same advantages as slate tiles but a bit cheaper, then go for cool color concrete tiles. The features of this roofing material are: first, they are durable, so it’s a good investment, and secondly, they are fire resistant. If you choose cool colors, the level of energy efficiency is increased. That is because they reflect the ray of the sun, which scientifically provides additional coolness.

3. Terracotta and Clay

This type of roofing material is very famous in certain countries in Europe, such as Italy, Spain and Czech Republic. It is basically made of clay and terracotta. Both of these materials are heat resistant, so they are good roofing material for warm climates.

While terracotta and clay materials are effective heat resistant, how they are installed is quite critical. They are obviously heavy and may be difficult to mount them. They also need to be built in a solid foundation to resist damages brought by strong winds and earthquake.

4. Green Roofs

Also known as living roofs, green roofing is a very efficient material. This is literally a lawn in a roof! It features vegetation and soil but with waterproof membrane. It is interesting how this roof material can provide fresh and clean air. Well, plants release oxygen into the air, which is beneficial to the environment and to the health. That also means it reduces toxic and harmful hair. Another is that water runoff can add cooling effect to the house during warm climates.

Installing green roofs can be a difficult task. It requires a very professional and skilled worker to put them on top of a home or a building. Wrong process won’t just waste your money, but also a big headache.

5. Solar Panel or Photovoltaic System

Solar or photovoltaic panel is one of the most advanced and energy efficient materials that you can use. Solar shingles also a great material to install as roofing. According to Brinkmann Roofing, solar shingles use Earth-friendly technology without sacrificing function, comfort or beauty.. It is able to capture energy and transform as instant electricity. So, while it can add warmth in a home, this type of roof can also provide you money-saving energy.

Why settle for traditional roof materials if there are better alternatives? You must not only be satisfied with durable and appealing roofs. You also have to consider the long term benefits, like resistance against fire, water, earthquake, dust and heat. If they provide additional warmth or cooling, those are excellent choices to install in your house. Now, that you have a list of those roofing materials, just select which type is right for your needs, budget and home. This must not be difficult to decide on as it basically depends on your personal preference.



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