3 Things in Your House that Need Everyday Cleaning

House cleaning is a very serious job, and maybe, a little stressful for all mothers and housekeepers. But cleaning is the only way that makes the home a better and healthier place to live in.

It is a fact that you cannot clean your entire house in just one day. You need several days to clean your house, especially if you don’t regularly do it. There are things that require once or twice cleaning a week or a month. Others need everyday cleaning and that is a different story, which this post is all about. Let’s focus on 3 particular things in a house that must be cleaned daily.

1. Stove and Oven

Stove and Oven

Both the stove and the oven need immediate cleaning just after your foods are cooked. This is very essential to make sure the next time you cook or bake anything is germ and bacteria free.

There is a natural solution to clean these kitchen appliances. That is the use of combined vinegar and water. You may also use lemon juice instead of vinegar. Whether you use natural cleaning solution or a dishwashing liquid, scrubbing all areas of the stove and oven is a must. You use a sponge to remove the grease and stain. Wipe it out with a dry, clean cloth to remove the soapy residue. After that, you can rinse with wet cloth and dry with another clean cloth.

2. Microfiber Upholstery

Couch that is made of microfiber is easy to get stained, especially if the color is bright, such as white and yellow. Along with the pillows, the furniture can be cleaned with a simple cotton with rubbing alcohol solution.

It is not all the time that we get stains on our pillows and couches. However, the fabric of furniture is easy to accumulate germs and bacteria. And these can be transferred on the clothes you are wearing or directly to your skin. That’s why it has to be cleaned every day, too.

Other than rubbing alcohol, you can also use natural solution. Mix white vinegar with warm water and pour into a bottle spray. Spray any area, especially the stained ones, as you steam it. You can blow dry to keep the wetness off easily.

3. Toilet


Most people think that toilet is of low maintenance, but actually, it is important to clean it every single day. People in your house use it a lot of times in a day, so that requires frequent cleaning. Mold and bacteria are easily formed and they can fast develop in minutes.

You can use a commercial cleaning product for toilets and sinks to remove bacteria and germs. Either way, make sure that you do cleaning once a day. Besides, it is not that difficult to clean the toilet. You can simply spray solution, brush a little and flush down.

These 3 items found in a house do not seclude other things that must be cleaned regularly. This post only informs you that they are usually overlooked or unfamiliar with in regards to how much bacteria or germs they actually accumulate in a day. We only think that we have to clean things in our house if there are dust and stain. Remember that bacteria, germs, and other particles are usually not seen. Well, now you have an idea of what to prioritize sometimes.

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