20 Basic Green Living Ways

Are you looking for an effective and easy way to help the environment keep protected, maintain good health, and save some money? Then you are in the right place, as this article has a list of green and healthy living ways you can follow. Here are simple and easy green ways you must do.

1. Limit or Stop Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions

Avoiding or limiting your subscription of newspapers and magazines is one green way of living. It lessens your stack of papers in your house in the long run. Instead of buying newspapers to get information, you better watch news on your cable TV or online.

2. Reuse or Donate Items

Reusing materials and donating personal belongings are another good idea for a greener environment in your house. This is apparently de-cluttering and recycling items. It can help make your place cleaner and greener. Disposable items, such as newspapers, bottles and cans, should be donated or sold to recycling centers.

3. Have More Plants

New plants are an element of a greener environment. This idea will make your home greener and eco-friendly as it can invite more air and fresher atmosphere.

4. Use New Batteries and Throw Old Ones

Rechargeable batteries can also help for a green living. With this, you can reduce the usage of electricity. Furthermore, you need to know when and how to dispose old batteries to avoid toxic waste.

5. Drive an Eco-Green Car

Maybe it is time to change a new car as well. If you do, better go for a hybrid car, which is eco-friendly. This will be a great transportation for the entire family.

6. Use Washable Napkins

Stop using paper napkins for lunch and dinner. Replace them with cloth napkins instead. This is much better because they are washable. It also helps you avoid buying new napkins after every use.

7. Shop with Eco-Friendly Bag or Brown Bag

Whenever you go to the mall, grocery or supermarket, use bags that are eco-friendly. In this case, a brown bag or a fabric-made bag is a great choice. It simply means you have to stop using plastic bags as this type of material is not disposable.

8. Buy Green Baby and Children’s Stuff

Even the things you give to your baby must be helpful in cleaning environment, too. There are actually eco-friendly products for kids, especially babies. For example, a cloth diaper is better ot use than a disposable diaper.

9. Clean with Natural Detergents and Dishwashers

Natural dishwashers and detergents for cleaning are also available to use for a greener way of living. This is not only good for the environment, but also to your own health.

10. Make Old Clothes as Re-gifts

Consider collecting old or used clothes and pile them all together. Include the old clothes of your children that do not longer fit to them. You give them to charity, orphanage and other places where people who might just need them can get benefit from those.

12. For your pets, buy environmental toys exclusively for them. It is a great way to avoid them damaging your cushions, or worse, couch. Plus, it is absolutely safe for them.

13. Turn on Green Lights

At home, it is a wise and green decision to use fluorescent, halogen or LED bulbs. These are good choices of lights, because they can help you minimize your electric bills, and eventually make your place eco-friendlier.

14. Cover the Pool

Another simple eco-green thing to do is to cover your pool when not in use. It is the only way that can help you save water from refilling it. If you cover it, there is a tendency to avoid having debris and keep the pool clean.

15. Fix the Tap Water

Have a routine to check on your faucet for leaks. Once you see leakage, do not hesitate to repair it. Otherwise, a large amount of water is wasted.

16. Reduce the Temperature of the HVAC

If it’s summer, the usage of air conditioner is understood to be turned on a higher temperature. If it is winter or even just spring days but a little bit cooler, you need to reduce the thermostat.

17. Dispose Garbage Properly

It is also basic to throw garbage the proper way. It has to be separated depending on its class, whether biodegradable or non-biodegradable.

18. Go Out and Hike

Avoid using the elliptical or treadmill. You better go to the woods, run and hike. This is a much better way to work out without consuming electricity.

19. Take Up the Stairs

When in the office, mall or any building with elevator, try to walk up and down the stairs. This is not only good for your health as you can have an exercise, but also beneficial to the consumption of electricity.

20. Join Green Programs

Take some time to join or attend programs that mainly support the environment. In your community there may be at least one that offers voluntarily help. If you have time, avail yourself and contribute.

These green ways are not so demanding at all. There is no excuse not to follow and apply them if it benefits you in the end. Whether you are at home or outside, always ensure that you do things that protect your health, and as well as the environment. Nevertheless, consider following the eco-friendly suggestions as listed above.



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