2 Primary Environmental Goals of a Community

With so many kinds of natural disasters that we encounter year by year, it seems like knowing how to resolve this is the main objective of every person. The usual problems in our community over the years are landslide, flood and pollution. These are eco issues that must be addressed and given importance in order to lessen the bad impacts.

Every local government implements solutions and advocates preventive measures of such catastrophes. But this does not mean that you just depend on what your government is doing for the environment. This is technically a team effort, which means every resident should be united to help and contribute in happening the ways to make the surroundings greener, better and safer.

A local community needs to be green and clean at all times. Protecting and preserving the environment is necessary to reduce or stop further damage. You may agree with this and have heard or read this many times. Most people do know about that, but due to stubbornness, laziness and selfishness, helping in the community is like a big deal to some individuals. Keep in mind that having involvement to your local community is a great help.

There are many ways to be involved, but only two major objectives have to be understood in order to do the necessary steps to help prevent damaging our surroundings. Here are the two things that are very important to remember and follow.

1. Plant Trees

Tree planting should be a process that is conducted over and over. It is not a good idea to cut trees, but for industrial businesses, it may be another thing. We do need wood materials for furniture, paper and other common things that we usually need. There is a restriction as to how many trees should be cut, but as far as cutting trees is legal to some areas, planting trees should always be part of this program.

The advantage of planting trees is to prevent flood. This is one way to make your community protected from possible environmental damage. The strong roots of trees are able to absorb water, which eventually avoids the formation of water trapped on the surface of the ground.

Aside from that, trees are a great source of oxygen. As a matter of fact, they provide clean oxygen, which is a brilliant solution against pollution in the air. Now, that is just another big advantage to the community.

2. Dispose Waste Properly

Waste is one big problem in most societies. Proper disposable of both biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes is the main concern here. Again, this must not just be a project of the local government, but a task of every individual.

You have your own garbage bins from your kitchen to the living room, and even bedroom. This is not new to everyone, but disposing waste properly is something that needs more improvement. This is just very simple – separate biodegradable waste from non-biodegradable. Some things are subject to recycling and reuse, while others have to be dumped because they decay or dissolve in time.

When you recycle or re-use items, you are not just saving your surrounding from effects caused by toxic or chemical solutions, but also save some money. Imagine a plastic bottle that can be used as a flower vase, or a newspaper for a basket. The point here is that not everything has to be thrown. So, make sure you throw your waste the right and proper way.

These are the two things that everyone needs to keep in mind regarding how to protect the community. It is everyone’s goal to make the surroundings cleaner, greener and healthier. In the end, it will benefit you and your family.



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