15 Ways to Avoid De-cluttering

A day at home or, generally, of your life is much easier if you have the habit of organizing, cleaning and de-cluttering. It adds stress if your room is a mess. It won’t be that quick or easy for you to find something if everything is in one place. You really need to have neat and clean house in that case. And if you are used to keeping your stuff in order, that become a lifestyle which you will apply anywhere you go.

1. Use the Space Under Your Desk

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Your home or office table has extra space underneath it. This is a great room for your trash bin, books, documents, and other supplies that you normally use for work or studying. Those materials made of paper should be organized in baskets to keep them safe. In fact, you must put baskets under the desk so you can just throw stuff there or get one in case you need them.

2. Limit your Closet to 20 to 40 Hanged Clothes

Whether you have small or wide closet, the clothes you hang should be numbered. If in case one closet is not enough, it is recommended that you get another cabinet. The point here is to keep your closet with limited clothes as possible. It is easy for you to find and pick which one to use.

3. Hang Bags in Shower Curtain Hooks

There are hooks for shower curtain that you can buy in a local store. This is your opportunity to hang bags, belts, and other things that can be mounted. Just choose one corner in your room where you can hang a pole to place all the hooks, and support your bags and other personal accessories.

4. Donate or Sell Clothes

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Whenever you shop for new shirts, shorts, pants, socks, and other apparels, get rid some of your old clothes, too. You can either donate or sell them, whichever you prefer, as long as you do not collect lots of clothes that can pile up in your cabinet and closet.

5. Store Bed Sheets in its Matching Pillowcase

Those extra bed sheets that you won’t use, unless the current one is already dirty and stained, should be stuffed in the pillowcases. Match each sheet and pillow case together before you put them in one of the drawers.

6. Keep Keys in One Chain

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Car key, house key, locker key and other keys should be chained altogether. This helps you avoid finding one key to another. The extra ones you have must be also chained but they need to be together.

7. Make a Habit to Throw or Remove Junks

Everytime you do a general cleaning include the dumping of items that are no longer usable or functional. If it is not worth utilizing, the best place is the trash. Those items that others can still recycle or use must be put in one place and distribute as soon as possible.

8. Get Rid of Books, Magazines and Newspapers

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Old magazines and newspapers do not have to stay long in your house. It may be already a year old and that’s alright to get rid of them. There may be also books that you won’t use any longer. You can sell them for some extra bucks, donate to libraries and charities, or submit to recycling centers.

9. Utilize Boxes for Storing

You do some recycling also, and boxes are among the items that are common to re-use. Before you think of disposing them into the bin, use shoe boxes, electronic boxes, and packaging boxes to store your other personal stuff. They are great places for smaller items and accessories, like children’s toys, board games, books, batteries, and even extra grocery stuff.

10. Hang Letters and Bills in a Mail Holder

All your utility bills, phone bills, bank statements, and other letters should be organized in a proper place. A mail holder is usually the right tool to use. You hang them on walls of your kitchen or the hallway near your kitchen so you can easily see them and you’d be reminded of what to pay next.

11. Place Shoes in a Rack

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There is a place for everything in your house, including shoes, sandals and flip-flops. You must put them altogether in a rack for shoes. If you closets have extra space underneath for shoes, those are other good areas to keep them. But remember that shoes must be stored in a clean, airy space, so your cabinets must not have doors if you want to place them there.

12. Clean the Refrigerator

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It is a must to always clean your fridge. Everytime you put new foods and beverages, make it a habit to clean it first. That way everything you put in there is fresh and clean. Plus, it encourages you to arrange items in the refrigerator.

13. Place Cleaning Tools and Equipment in a Stuck Room

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Do not just leave your vacuum, in an open place. There must be a room where you can put them altogether. This is not only a way to organize them, but also to keep out of reach of your kids.

14. Have Baskets and Containers in the Garage

Tools for garden, automobiles, and other home uses are kept stored in garage. You garage must have shelves placed in every corner and place containers, boxes or baskets so you can organize all supplies based on their kinds. That’s where you also wrap the extra cords and water hoses.

15. Throw Trash Immediately

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Crumpled paper, empty cans, and other common junks should be disposed where they belong. In that sense, it is essential to throw them right in, and not to delay it.

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