15 Tricks to Cut Calories

For a successful weight loss, cutting calories is the secret key. That primarily indicates diet, and some healthier habits. If you follow the tricks lined up below, you can possibly burn up to 500 calories a day and that’s quick way to shed pounds.

1. Walk

Get up out of your couch and have a stroll on the beach or make a round trip around your neighborhood. This is an easy way to burn calories and help yourself reduce some weight. It also helps you save some fuel from your vehicle if there is a nearby place that you regularly go to. At your workplace, skip the elevator and head down or up using the stairs.

2. Utilize a Small Plate

The smaller your plate is the less serving you get. That can result to fewer calories within several weeks! You must make it a habit to use a 10-inch plate everytime you eat, whether you are at home or at a friend’s place for a party.

3. Eat More Fiber and Watery Foods

It is no questions that vegetables and fruits are healthy and contain few calories, while some are zero. When you eat food that is high in fiber, you easily feel full. That alone can help you avoid getting more onto your plate. You would not feel hungry not after some hours, which may just be the right time for the next meal. It is a great way to escape from the unhealthy snacks that can be tempting sometimes.

4. Try Eggs for Breakfast

Cereals, oatmeal, and pancake are common breakfast, but they quite have a number of calories. The best alternative is poached or boiled eggs. Eat two eggs in the morning and you’d feel full, wanting you to ignore any food between 9 and11.

5. Take a Pass on Pasta

PastaImage Source:funadium

The pasta that you normally order at any restaurant is more than 200 calories. It can be tripled or more and that’s not a good number. It must be only a single cup of pasta to save you from having lots of calories. As much as possible, make it frequent to cook or eat pasta.

6. Limit the Intake of Nuts

NutsImage Source:theenmoy

You have read how healthy nuts are, and that’s undeniably correct. Yet, they are high in calories. Sometimes, you put nuts and seeds as toppings of green salad. You may have to exclude that because when combined with the dressing and other ingredients, your healthy salad becomes high in calorie content.

7. Check the Label of Chips

ChipsImage Source:hmk

Yes, your favorite snack while reading a book has more calories and it’s obviously indicated at the back of the packaging bag. If you have the habit to eat more than one pack a day, it is time to lessen or better yet stop eating this kind of junk food.

8. Get Rid of Popcorn

PopcornImage Source:amanky

If you are also a frequent movie goer and can’t complete the watching session without a box of popcorn, the more fat you would feel and look. This snack has a very high number of calories, and we’re talking about thousands in number. Instead, opt for a fat free one, or bring your own popcorn with zero fat.

9. Get a Few Scoops of Ice Cream

Oh, who would not like some spoonfuls of ice cream! Well, I won’t stop you from eating but ensure to only take a few scoops or a small cup of any flavor you like. This is just one way to cut down your calorie intake.

10. Quit Drinking Soda

Drinking SodaImage Source:woodysworld1778

Sugary drinks are not just healthy but also make you easily fat. If you are dedicated to lose weight, one of the things you really have to give up is soda, or any beverage with high fructose content.

11. Lessen Your Mixed Drinks

Aside from sugary beverages, cocktails, punches and other drinks that are mixed with different ingredients should be avoided. They can give you more than 500 up to 800 calories for just one glass. Drink fresh fruit juices instead, and it’s much healthier.

12. Skip Whipped Cream

Whipped CreamImage Source:sifu

Do you like to top some whip on your coffee? It sounds tasty and creamy but take note of the calorie content. It can provide you about 600 calories. Not to mention that you add chocolate syrup that makes it a lot fattier.

13. Stop Eating before You Get Full

It must not be your goal to feel full everytime you eat. You must stop chowing down right even before your tummy becomes bloated. It does not mean that you cut down the average serving per meal either. Just try to make it more controlled as possible.

14. Sleep

SleepImage Source:toniblay

You know how helpful it is to sleep for 8 hours a night. Do that but it does not have to be less or more than 8 hours. Too much sleeping can also add calories and that is not what you want to have when you are trying to shed pounds.

15. Exercise

ExerciseImage Source:nicholas_t

Yes, you’re right this method should not be excluded on the list on how to burn calories. Making you sweat and feel tired help a lot in cutting calories. It is proven to be one of the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy.

What are you still waiting for? Go out now to start walking, eating healthy foods with more control, and exercise! Within 4 to 5 weeks, if you are consistent, you would surely lose at least 10 pounds.



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