15 Super Veggies for a Healthier Diet

Everyone needs to always include vegetables in their diet. These are very essential because of the numerous vitamins and minerals they provide. The ultimate result is a much healthier body, which is not already a new fact anymore. There is nobody who can encourage you to eat veggies but none other than you. To start with, here is a list of 15 vegetables that you must regularly eat.

1. Asparagus

AsparagusImage Source:calliope

These green sticks can be used in many types of delicious dishes. They also contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and potassium. Another great compound this vegetable has is folic acid (folate). This is very essential for the repair damaged cells and formation of new cells. It also helps keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

2. Bell Peppers

Bell PeppersImage Source:wallyg

This is a type of vegetable that can be used in a lot of meals and even snacks. It also comes in different colors, which are yellow, orange, and red. What makes this colorful vegetables more interesting is the nutrients they contain. They are packed with folic acid, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. In that case, lycopene is released in the body upon consumption. This is a powerful compound that helps decrease the risk of certain cancers. It is also

3. Broccoli

BroccoliImage Source:stevendepolo

Like bell peppers, broccoli features the same nutrients. Yet, it is filled with more antioxidants that help boost the immunity system and cancers. This veggie is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber.

4. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels SproutsImage Source:su

Cute and green, this veggie is also nutritious. It contains folic acid, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium. Most of these nutrients are actually essential for a pregnant woman. But be aware that these are also essential to everyone.

5. Carrots

CarrotsImage Source:N02

Another vegetable that is packed with vitamins and antioxidants is carrots. Whether you eat it raw or cooked, carrots provide you vitamin A, vitamin C alpha-carotene, and beta-carotene. It is what you need to maintain healthy skin, hair, eyes, and cardiovascular system.

6. Cauliflower

CauliflowerImage Source:calliope

Cauliflowers are also considered as a super vegetable. The reason is because it is packed with vitamin C. This vitamin helps cure common colds and flu. It can be cooked to add in any type of green salad and other common dishes from any cuisines.

7. Eggplant

EggplantImage Source:N07

This purple vegetable is easy to cook, whether it is grilled, steamed or stir fried. Other than that, it is also packed with antioxidants, such as flavonoid. The flavonoid that is produced upon digestion of this veggie is called nasunin. It is a type of antioxidant that is essential the cell membranes. Its capability is to protect it from any damage. According to new studies, it is also proven to have health advantage to the central nervous system of a person.

8. Kale

KaleImage Source:elanaspantry

One of the green, leafy vegetables that must be eaten regularly is kale. This is actually rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. It is also a very great source of calcium, folic acid, and potassium. Like most leaves, kale comes in various colors, such as green, purple, and black.

9. Lettuce

LettuceImage Source:calliope

Another leafy vegetable that is nutritious is lettuce. This is a very familiar salad ingredient. It also comes in different colors and names. Some are called Romaine, and others are iceberg. But experts say that the darker the vegetable is, the more vitamins and minerals it produces. It is rich in vitamin and folic acid.

10. Onions

OnionsImage Source:yumievriwan

Most people refer this as a condiment or additional little ingredient that spices foods. Actually it is a form of vegetable and is considered to be nutritious. It has promising health benefits. Included is the vitamin C that boosts the immune system. There is also folic acid this round vegetable produces. Another is calcium which is popularly known to provide benefits that strengthen bones and teeth. It is the best source against osteoporosis.

11. Spinach

SpinachImage Source:h4ck

This is another type of leafy vegetable that is very essential to add to your daily diet. If you like green salad, this is the ingredient that must not be missed in the bowl, too. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, which include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, folic acid, potassium, and calcium. Generally, it is a vegetable that helps lower the risk of many serious health conditions, such as cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

12. Squash

SquashImage Source:libraryman

Squash is a little version of the very famous pumpkin. Actually, it belongs to the same family of plants. But when compared to other vegetables, this orange-yellow food is rich in essential nutrients that provide energy and lower certain illnesses. It is packed with vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber, magnesium, potassium, and other antioxidants.

13. Sweet Potato

Sweet PotatoImage Source:raeallen

Most people love potatoes than sweet potatoes. If you are one of them, you would probably have a change of heart. That is because sweet potatoes contain more nutrients. It has vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber, iron, manganese, and potassium. All in all, this vegetable can help normalize the digestive system of a person, and lower the risk of cancers and other illnesses.

14. Tomatoes

TomatoesImage Source:piet_musterd

This round-shaped vegetable is a favorite ingredient to make sauce used for spaghetti and to cook soups. In fact, it is a good ingredient to blend to create a healthy juice. As you may have known already, tomatoes are very rich in lycopene. Other than being able to prevent and fight cancer, this vegetable has vitamin A and vitamin K for better metabolism and regulation of blood sugar levels. It is also a nice food to lower the risk of heart disease and eye problems, such as cataracts.

15. Turnip Greens

Turnip GreensImage Source:renoir_girl

Turnip greens are leaves that you can add to your favorite salad, as well as other traditional dishes. It is easy to cook but you can also eat it raw just like other green, leafy veggies. In terms of health benefits, this features vitamin A, vitamin K, and calcium.

This is a list of healthy food ingredients that you must always remember. Not only that you have to keep the nutrients they produce in mind, but also apply the primary objective of learning this information, which is to eat more of these foods. You will improve the different body functions and systems when you make it a habit to eat them. If you are mother, you should be more encouraged to buy and cook these vegetables as you can motivate your family members to have the same healthy diet and remain fit.

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