12 Things to Organize the Kitchen

The kitchen is where you can see most stuff from dishware to cooking pots, foods to cookbooks, and refrigerator to stove. It is a part of the house that must be neat, clean, and tidy at all times. Having said that, here are essential things to remember.

1. Make Chinaware Visible

The expensive kitchen ware should be obviously displayed in plain view. Have at least a glass-front cabinet where you can store them.

2. Keep Similar Items Together

Cutleries are different in terms of sizes and uses. Some are used every day, while others are for special occasions. For that reason, it is better that you group items of the same functions or frequency of use in one place.

3. Stash Small Items in Drawers

Spoons, forks, measuring cups, and other small stuff must be kept stored under your drawers. Make sure they are also placed together according to kinds and uses. This way you won’t have difficulty on which drawer to open when you need them.

Plastic BagsImage Source: kinnelonconserves

4. Store Plastic Bags and Wrappers in One Place

The best place where you can put all wrapping bags, such as Ziplocs and foil paper, is near the fridge. It makes it easier and quicker for you to bag candies, sandwiches, leftovers, and other foods.

5. Set Up Sliding Drawers

Another way to have easy and quick access of your kitchen stuff is to open a sliding drawer. Whether it is open or not, this can store other things that you frequently use.

6. Separate Plastic Ware from Silver and Glass Dishware

Plastic containers and cups should be stored together. In most cases, these are items used for children, for picnics, and as lunch boxes. It is just proper to have them separated from your daily glass and silver plates.

7. Use Baskets and Containers

In storing foods and ingredients, have enough bins, jars, and baskets. You can have a pantry where you put them in one place. Remember that placing all similar items is a key to an organized kitchen.

Sorts FoodsImage Source: fortheloveofyum

8. Sorts Foods

Do not just randomly put fruits, vegetables, condiments, and spices in the pantry. Like your kitchenware, foods items must be grouped according to their categories. Even ready-to-eat snacks, such as chips, candies, and cereals, must be placed in a wire basket for easy grabbing.

9. Have a Place for Cooking Utensils

Pots, skillets, saucepans, steamer, and other tools for cooking must be in one place as well. They need to be as possibly close to the stove. Some can be stored in an open drawer, others may be hanged to save space. Organize pots and pans in the same color and sizes, too.

10. Hang Pot Holders and Aprons

Under the cabinets is the best place to install a hanger for your pot holders and dish towels. Just ensure it is near the stove for quick access. For aprons, you can hang them on the edge of your counter near the sink.

Pile CookbooksImage Source: cookcleancraft

11. Pile Cookbooks

If you are a collector of cooking books and magazines, it is advisable to keep them in your kitchen. Put them all together in a shelf or a drawer.

12. Mount a Board

Not only cookbooks may be essential in the kitchen. You may also need a calendar, a Post-It paper for to-do list, a wall clock, and of course, a ballpen. These become handy at anytime of the day.

If you like an organized kitchen, these are the basics to remember. You won’t only display all items in an organized way, but also make things easier and less stressful for you. That gives you a more reason to stay as often as possible in the kitchen, and enjoy preparing foods.



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