10 Ways to Arrange Flowers

There are secret keys in everything, including the arrangement of flowers. Whether it is for a casual table centerpiece at home, a gift to a loved one in the hospital, it is important to know how to mix and match flowers the right way to create a beautiful display.

1. Pick Flowers

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is to pick flowers that best interest you. This is more based on what you like and love the most. You probably have your own favorite flowers. You can start with that. But it is always fun to choose flowers that are new to your sight or style. Besides, almost all flowers are beautiful, regardless of what you exactly like.

2. Choose Colors

One basis of selecting flowers is the color. It is essential to have flowers of the same or similar color palate. You can have yellow flowers together, such as daffodil and yellow peonies, or just plain yellow tulips. It does not matter how many types of flowers to choose, but having the same color is quite the secret of a beautiful bouquet.

3. Combine a Variety

It is not also a bad idea to mix different colors of flowers. If you have the basic sense of combining things in similar shades, this should not be a problem. One good example is the use of red, pink and white roses in one vase. They may a good impression despite the different colors they have. If not in colors, you can mix a variety of types, like daisies and carnation of the same color or even in different hues.

4. Remove Leaves, Thorns, Roots and Extra Stem

The next thing you have to do after making your pick is to clear cutters. This means you trim each and every stem of the flower, because they may be long enough to just put in the vase. Other than that, you have to remove the leaves in the bottom part of the flower, and for some, the thorns, like in roses. The result of doing this is much better and neater to look at.

5. Use a Matching Vase

Do not forget how important a flower vase, too. Unless you have to wrap in a flower bouquet wrapper, use a vase that is striking as well. It is better to put flowers in a transparent vase, but it is never a bad option to have a more stylish jar.

6. Start with One Stem at a Time

In arranging flowers, it is always about one stem and another. Do not shorten your time by putting in three or more at the same time. You have to place each and every flower diagonally, and not in a plain standing position. Fill in the vase until all flowers are set or the space is full.

7. Add Leafy Stems and Tinier Flowers

Accentuate the flowers with extra elements like those leafy stems, such as ferns. Even smaller flowers like babies breath will be a nice touch. While these are very common, you can also try unique ones. A good creative and very unique addition to flowers is the sliced lemons, oranges or limes. They can make a good view in the vase, especially if it is translucent. They do not only add beauty, but also provide substances for a longer bloom.

8. Take a Good Look from a Distance

If you think you are done, move a few steps from the vase. You need to carefully look if the overall arrangement is satisfactory. Once you do not need to re-arrange them, leave the flowers in the vase as it is.

9. Tie the Vase with Ribbon

You may also add another style to make it more than just a simple table centerpiece. That is to tie a ribbon around the vase to give a better design. If not ribbon, you can use other materials that are organic or recyclable.

10. Display

The last thing you have to do is to showcase it. Have your beautiful flowers display in plain sight.

It does not take you a long time to arrange flowers. But it may take a few tries before you can make a beautiful piece of flower display in a vase or in a bouquet wrapper.



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