10 Great Reasons to Live a Green Lifestyle

Have you tried living a green lifestyle? Five years ago, I wouldn’t have thought about taking on this path but when I visited one of my friend’s home, my eyes have been opened to the reality that living green is surely the way to go.

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At first, I couldn’t believe at how much money their family was able to save from various ways of going green. They were able to cut down as much as $5,000 on electricity, water bills, transportation budget, and clothing allowance!

My friend was the one who talked me into trying it out and I’m so glad that I listened. I can confidently say that own family is certainly enjoying a better lifestyle now than we used to. First, we were able to save as much as $4,000 the previous year on utility expenses and we used that money to enjoy a family trip to the Bahamas last summer. But apart from the monetary benefits, I guess what’s most important is that we feel so much better and healthier than we ever did.

What’s your personal stand on this subject? Yes, environmentalists have been strongly advocating this lifestyle for years but these days, more and more people are paying attention to this advocacy and embracing the idea of going green. I think that’s wonderful! I do encourage everyone I know to consider green living too because I want them to enjoy the same benefits that my family does.

And if you’re not yet convinced about making green changes, how about considering these ten great reasons why you should start green living today?

1. Feel better, live happier : One of the many benefits of living a green lifestyle is that you will wake up feeling a lot better each morning. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a share in saving our precious planet earth? I personally think that is reason enough to feel good.

2. Boost your home’s overall value : Did you know that the future looks very promising for eco-friendly houses. Green homes generally mean better living because it promotes good health and lower monthly utility bills. So just in case you decide to sell your home in the coming years, you can be sure that it would attract more homebuyers. Of course, you can sell it for a higher price because for many buyers, it would be worth every penny.

3. Spend less on electricity bills :

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Who does not dream of paying less on electricity bills? You can literally save thousands of dollars each year if you will choose to go green. And the money you save on your monthly bills, you can use for more important things such as home improvement, annual physical check-ups, education or even a grand yearly vacation.

4. Spend less on home maintenance and repair costs : Houses which are made out of sustainable materials have been proven to last a lifetime without requiring frequent, major maintenance and repairs. This is another area where you can enjoy huge savings on your budget.

5. Breathe cleaner air : Want to build a truly green home? Then, don’t forget to paint with products that are more environmentally-friendly. These are paint products that do not contain heavy metals, carcinogens, and other compounds that deplete the ozone layer. Choose a brand that uses lower levels of VOCs and that are less toxic than others.

6. Prevent used things from ending up in the landfill: If every household will reuse, recycle and repurpose many of their old, unwanted things, we won’t need such a vast space for garbage and waste disposal won’t be such a big problem.

7. Green homes are beautiful: I am always inspired by so many beautiful homes that are especially designed and created for the purpose of being earth-friendly. You can find lots of green homes by browsing the internet. Do you think it would be expensive to go green? Not at all! If your present home hasn’t been made out of sustainable materials, why not work on smaller green projects or try to make pro-environment home improvements one step at a time.

8. Protect the future of your children :

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Doing something now to preserve our environment is a significant step in protecting the next generation. The less we use of our planet’s valuable resources now, then the more we can save for our kids to enjoy in the future. Wouldn’t you agree that the world would be a much better place if we can breathe cleaner air, swim in crystal clear waters, and enjoy nature at its finest?

9. Now is the time to go green: If we don’t begin taking a positive action now, it might be too late to do anything tomorrow. Today is definitely the perfect time for us to lead a greener lifestyle. Don’t know how to begin? You can check out this blog or other green blogs to read tips for living a green lifestyle.

10. It’s the right thing to do: We have been given a beautiful planet to live in. Nature has provided us with all the things we need to sustain life but ultimately, it is up to us to take care of what we have been given.

Obviously, my personal point of view is that living a green lifestyle is the right thing to do. You might be a bit hesitant about the whole idea like I was before I started. I completely understand if you’re feeling the same thing. However, there’s really no need to make big changes right away. You don’t have to do anything drastic.

You can start by making small changes such as the steps I mentioned on my other blog post (10 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home) After a month or two, evaluate the results and you might be surprised at how pleasant the outcome is. Once you have taken that first step forward, it should be a lot easier to find more and bigger ways to go green. After all, that’s what living a green lifestyle is all about. Being happy and stress-free!



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