10 Games that Do Not Need Electricity

There are times that your energy bill increases. That is not good, but you can’t just ignore it. It is not always necessary to use electric power. Some things do not require energy. Those are activities that must be frequently done as much as possible. Instead of playing video games, surfing the net, or watching shows, why not play some games and do activites that do not require electricity? Here are some suggestions that you can do to save some energy.

1. Board Games

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Playing board games is one of the perfect alternatives. It is not only a way to prevent boredom when power is out. It is also a good activity during spare time. Some of the traditional and famous board games are checkers, scrabble, chess, and monopoly. It can be really fun to play broad games with your children. This will give you quality time to bond together whether there is electricity or not. Not only that, this kind of game can help train your children to be strategic and smart.

2. Books

BooksImage Source:thomashawk

Another fun and exciting way to enjoy time at home without plugging anything in the electrical outlet is to read books. This can also give additional knowledge. It is an exercise of the mind, which helps reduce or treats stress, too. Novels, magazines, Bible stories, history books, and others are some of the useful books that you and your family can read.

You can also tell a story to your children. Most of the time children are afraid in the dark. If in case electricity is out at night, reading them some stories that are fun and adventurous should give them comfort. Of course, any time of the day is a good way to read stories for young kids.

3. Pioneer Family

Pioneer FamilyImage Source:squishband

You can have your children and spouse on this game. Just give or assign every member a character to play, but be sure it is something that they can enjoy and make them laugh.

4. Songs and Instruments

If not all, there is always at least one in the family who is singer or an enthusiast of singing. You can have fun singing some songs. It would be also better if there are instruments to play. It would be a blast to just sing and dance.

5. Cards

Playing CardImage Source:bwright923

Card games are another enjoyable activity that won’t require you to use electricity. You can play traditional playing card games or perform some magic tricks with it. Other than the common cards, there are the Go Fish cards and memory card game that both children and adults can enjoy playing.

6. Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw PuzzleImage Source:fortinbras

Puzzle is also another game that kids, teens and even parents can enjoyable play. This can enhance the mind of your children. It is also exciting and very challenging. So, I’m sure that this activity can help reduce energy consumption.

7. Photos or Videos

Capturing special moments of the family is a best way to embrace them. You can have enjoyable time just shooting pictures together. Video taping is also a great idea. As of now, there are many social networking sites where you can share those capture images and videos at some point.

8. Role Playing

Role PlayingImage Source:russloar

Divide your whole family into two groups and give every member a character to play. They can act out, have fun and laugh. It is also a great idea to act some words that anyone can guess.

9. Camping

CampingImage Source:alanenglish

Make a camping outside your home and spend the night without enjoying the heater or air conditioner. Or if you have some time, take your family to the woods for some camping trip. Either way, it is a fun way to spend time together and save some electricity as well.

10. Painting

PaintingImage Source:grafixer

Making some art pieces is also a good activity. It can be a game if you make instructions on what to paint or offer rewards. Young kids do enjoy this kind of activity.

These ten games and activities are just some of the many things that you can do without relying on electricity. They can be conducted at anytime, either morning or afternoon, or even at night. Regardless, they surely have a great contribute to consume lesser energy.



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