Why Night Snacks and Late Sleeping Can Affect Your Weight

Not all are aware of the fact that diet, night snacks and sleeping patterns do have in common. You may have heard that eating after dinner is not good for maintaining weight. You may know that sleeping less is not healthy. Well, there are many reasons and explanations why snacks at night and late sleeping can affect weight, and health in general. Here are facts that you need to know regarding this matter.

The Bad of Eating at Night


A lot of us are probably guilty of having the habit to bite some chips, popcorns, chocolates and other munchies at night. You may not notice that you are actually gaining weight. That won’t become obvious until after several weeks. But this is something a person, who is trying to lose pounds, won’t like at all. The outcome is slow weight loss in the process, while it is an opportunity for calories to increase.

The Good of Eating Before Sleeping


There may be people who are skeptical of the benefit of eating before heading to bed. In weight, it’s bad, which is just mentioned above. When it comes to better sleeping, eating before that time will work. When you eat, you obviously are rehydrated and relaxed, so that stimulates you to feel easily sleepy.

The health tip here is to avoid eating too much just before bedtime. Make your dinner the time to take as much as you can. If you know you’ll get hungry after a few hours, just have a little snack, but preferably fruits. Do not settle for unhealthy foods, especially if you have skipped meal for the evening.

In addition, it is essential that you eat enough food during the day. This makes you feel less hungry at night. Plus, when you eat at the right time throughout the day you have the energy you need, which results to no starvation. Just ensure to eat small amount of foods, because if it is too much, it can cause you to feel lazy and sleepy. Also, try to avoid heavy and unhealthy foods, such as sugary, spicy and oily foods.

The Bad of Sleeping Late

You know at least 8 hours of sleep a night is recommended. The next morning is all about duties at work so that makes you get up 2 hours before checking in at the office. Even if you are a full time mother with children who go to school, it requires you to wake up as early as possible. Now, if you sleep late, there is a big chance that you won’t get the necessary 8-hour sleep. The effect of this is weight loss in an unhealthy way. So, don’t rejoice that it helps you shed some pounds, because you won’t get the energy you need for the rest of the day.

Another bad result due to late sleeping or particularly sleep deprivation is that you crave more food. This can add pounds to your weight because you’d feel hungry easily. When you do not have enough sleep, you’d be dehydrated, so your body instinctively responds to food stimulation.

The Bad of Sleeping Too Much

Night Snacks

It is not also vital to sleep too much. Maybe it’s the weekend or off the next day so you decide to sleep late and get up after 10 to 12 hours or more. That is too much sleeping, which is not also healthy. It will cause your body to feel tired afterwards, making you unproductive and sluggish. This also gives you a reason to eat more, which eventually gains weight.

You must always ensure that you have a healthy diet and right sleeping pattern. Any abnormality of the two habits can cause harm to your health.



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