Why Junk Foods are not Suitable for Kids

Most children can name at least one junk food. As parents, should you be proud? Probably you do not feel that, because junk foods should not be tolerated in the first place. This is actually not new anymore to a lot of parents, but still some are open and okay about it.

Junk foods are usually tasty, and kids like crunchy and salty. These food products are not expensive either, and can be easily purchased since they are accessible anywhere. But far from the truth, they are basically junk that affect the health of your kids. One pack contains high amount of calories, sugar, and trans fat. Generally, it is a snack that is poor in nutrient contents.

Having said that, it is not good for any kids to buy or eat junk foods. Parents need to monitor what their children are eating. They have to be familiar with the nutrients their young needs. Otherwise, they would be prone to diseases, overall poor health, as well as aggressive or disturbing behavior.

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1. Obesity

Most junk foods are packed with sugar and trans fat. This makes them low in nutrients that lead to obesity. Foods that are high in salt, sugar, or saturated fats can cause heart disorder and fatness. This is a nightmare to every parent for sure.

2. Constipation

It may be good to the taste buds of many kids, and even adults, but can give bad effect to the stomach. This food leads to poor bowel movement, as well as dehydration. Eventually, it can affect the kid’s feelings, which may include frustration, anger and tension.

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3. Mood Swings and Bad Behavior

Junk foods also have contradictory side effects to the emotions and behavior of kids. According to studies, it’s been proven that people, especially children, who eat junk foods almost every day, are likely to feel mood swings, depression, anxiety, frustration, stress and aggression. In fact, it is also potential to affect a child’s mental ability, which may slow down his or her process of learning. This is not good in the long run as it affects their social life, school and emotional capability.

4. High Blood Pressure

It is not normal for any kids to have high blood pressure. It is too early for them to suffer from that, while they should be enjoying life. Anyhow, this is possible if a child is exposed to too much sodium, glucose, trans fat, and other chemicals found in junk foods.

5. Skin Issues

Other than physical and physiological effects, premature aging and skin problems also happen to those who regularly eat junk foods. It may not be lumps or skin rashes, but somehow the skin of a child becomes unhealthy, which can be prone to a more critical situation.

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6. Headache Inducer

Junk foods are made up of numerous chemicals like colorants, nitrates and dyes. Those compounds can give intense headache. As they bite and chew foods, the process involves the increase of blood flow to the brain, which is quite painful for that early age.

These six side effects of junk foods are totally not good at all. It does not only harm your kid’s health, but also your pockets, because you are spending money for foods that cannot actually help with their growth and development. Therefore, you must lessen or stop buying junk foods for your kids. Encourage them not to buy anything junk as well. But it is easier to have them avoid it if you provide a much healthier food. Anyway, there are many recipes and food products that are more nutritious.



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