Whiten Teeth with Strawberries and Baking Soda

Is brushing not enough to have pearly white teeth? Are you looking for a much cheaper and more natural way to whiten your teeth? Well, you do not need to go further because you are on a page that provides you the information you are looking for. As the headline suggests, you can certainly have whiter teeth just by using two natural ingredients, which are strawberries and baking soda.

What’s with strawberries and baking soda that help whiten teeth?

You may be skeptical as to how effective this solution is giving you white teeth. It is normal to feel that way but there is no harm in trying, isn’t? Besides, this is a very do-it-yourself and absolutely cheap.

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Strawberries are a very delicious and juice type of fruit. Kids and adults love to munch them, whether they are eaten raw, baked as a pie or cupcake, blended as juice, or mixed in fruit salad. This fruit is edible and sweet that makes it easy to rub on teeth. Other than that, it consists of malic acid, which is basically an astringent that helps get rid of stains and prevent the buildup of plaques. That said, it is a very good ingredient that helps whiten teeth eventually.

On the other hand, baking soda is a very common home ingredient. You can always have this stored in your kitchen cabinet. That makes it another easy solution for whitening teeth. Like strawberries, baking soda has properties that are able to remove stain on each and every tooth. The presence of sodium bicarbonate is responsible for that result.

What do you exactly have to do with strawberries and baking soda?

To make a strawberry baking soda teeth whitener, you mash or blend one piece of strawberry. Pour in a small bowl and mix it with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Combine thoroughly until the mixture becomes pasty. Of course, you need your toothbrush to complete the process. Simply place the mixture on your toothbrush, and use as toothpaste. Start brushing your teeth like you regularly do. Make sure that you are carefully brushing every side and surface of each tooth.

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You do not just brush your teeth with a mixture of strawberry and baking soda. You also have to rinse your mouth and floss teeth. Seeds of the strawberry may stuck between teeth, and you won’t comfortably smile knowing you might have that.

What to take note of whitening teeth baking soda and strawberry?

Remember that this formula is only intended to whiten teeth. It does not merely help freshen breath, and protect mouth from germs and bacteria. You are not advised to use this method daily or three times a day. You can only try once a week or twice a month. Otherwise, the enamel of your tooth can be affected because the properties of these two ingredients are quite harsh.

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In terms of whitening teeth, you can definitely count on using mashed strawberries and baking soda. It is safe and cheap, but again, it does not help eliminate bacteria. So, do not try replacing this method with your regular toothpaste and mouthwash solution.



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