What Vinegar Can Do For You

Does vinegar give us benefits? The truth is there are lots of benefits of vinegar, most especially to the health and skin care. Although commonly used as a cooking or food ingredient, vinegar is also used for industrial, medical and domestic uses, which are what we are going to discuss below.

1. Treat Skin Problem

Do you have jellyfish bite, skin allergy or rashes? No problem, just apply some amount of vinegar. Yes, vinegar can treat a lot of skin problems, but only minor conditions though. That’s just one of the many benefits of this condiment.

2. Regulate Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is one of the most common sicknesses in both men and women these days. This is a condition that refers to the high sugar level in the bloodstream. The good news is that vinegar, most especially apple cider vinegar, can help regulate the sugar level of a person. Also, vinegar is good in lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure.

3. Reduce Cancer Growth

Cancer is a very deadly and serious disease that does not only affect adults but also younger people. According to research, it has been proven that vinegar can somehow provide solution against the growth of cancer. It particularly slows down the growth, making it a slow progress, which helps take any cancer treatment to advance.

4. Shed Pounds

You can also lose some pounds with vinegar. Because vinegar can help a person feel full, consuming a few amount of it is good. You can make vinegar as a sauce to some food and that’s how you can take some of its juice to make you feel full, and eventually help cut down pounds.

5. Cure Cough and Colds

The acidic property of vinegar can help treat colds and cough. You can use it as a medicine. Just drop some amount of vinegar on the spoon and take it. It is suggested to have a spoon or two everyday when you have cold and even when you cough.

6. Remove Stain

Vinegar is not only beneficial to the body. This is also a good solution to get rid of stain on furniture, as well as clothes and other items that are mad e of fabric. In fact, it can remove stain on the flooring and tiles, too. It is definitely a cheap cleaning solution that you must try doing and replace toxic cleaner products. It is safe and eco-friendly, which in return advantageous to the health and the environment.

Some people only think vinegar is a good additional ingredient to some food. This is one of the natural ingredients that have numerous benefits, not only for the healthy, but also for other things, such as cleaning. It must not be underestimated as it provides good results. Plus, it is not expensive to use. It is also beneficial to the environment, unlike other commercial products that are toxic, which can affect the health.



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