What to Do with Old Clothes and Shoes

After several months, you may be tired wearing your clothes. You need to get new ones, so you won’t be a laughing stock wearing the same clothes every time you go out. The shoes may become old, too, and that must be on your shopping list. It is fun and probably necessary to get some new personal stuff. The question is what are you going to do with the old clothes and pairs of shoes? Would you just throw them away in the garbage bin in your backyard?

Before you even think about dumping them, old clothes and shoes are essential in many ways. With the ideas and suggestions below, you would realize just how important they still are. It may not be as beneficial as they are when they were still brand new, but for others they can be.

There are two things you will possess with old clothes and shoes – being helpful and creative. You will soon learn that you are being generous and kind to someone else’s life with some of your old personal stuff. Creativity is also discovered or re-discovered with those items.

Organize All Clothes

The very first thing you have to do is to set aside all old clothes, as well as shoes, in one place. They need to be arranged in containers. Put all the shirts in one container, shorts to another box, jeans or denim pants in another, etc. If you have children, who also have to take out their clothes and shoes, separate all apparels according to sizes or age, and put them in different containers. Doing this can help you organize things much easier when you have to choose between the options below.

Option 1: Sell Them

You may need some extra cash, whether it’s emergency or just a little addition of your allowance for this week. With old clothes and shoes, there are amount of money you can get from selling them. You can host a garage sale, in which you invite your neighborhoods and friends. Another way is to have an auction, especially if the clothes still look brand new, or without any holes and scratches. Selling them online is also a great idea. Just take photos of each and every clothes, upload on the web and make transactions online.

Option 2: Donate Them

The generosity and kindness that we mention awhile back come into place if you decide to donate your old clothes and shoes instead. Nowadays, many people around the world need more clothes. They would appreciate even old ones, as long as they do not have to wear the same clothes every day. Some are given to victims of flood, earthquake and other natural catastrophes, in which everything those people have is lost. Now, it is your opportunity to extend help with your old clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

As of today, many organizations are helping people in need. You can find some good non-profit groups where you can donate those items. There is the Salvation Army, Clothes for Soul, and Operating Blessings. Besides, it is better to have those clothes and shoes used by other people, than dumping them elsewhere, in which they become cause of environmental problems in the long future.

Option 3: Re-Use or Upcycle

What’s interesting about clothes is that they can be recycled. You can reuse the same fabrics for other things, such as scarves, handkerchiefs, photo frames or pillow covers. It just requires creativity to make new items from using old materials like clothes.

These three options are the best ways on how you can deal with your old clothes, shoes and other types of apparels or accessories. Keep in mind that reusing and recycling such items can help other people and protect the environment as well.



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