Ways to Encourage Tree Planting

Going green can be done through numerous ways. There are means and activities that you can do without the spending of huge amount of cash, investing a lot of energy, or wasting so much time. One of the easy and cheap ways you can do is tree planting. This brings great benefits to the environment, and if you care about your community, it is something not very difficult to do.

Imagine the forest when it has few or no trees at all. You can picture an ugly scenery, which is only a surface of the chaos it can bring, as there are definitely disadvantages without trees in your surroundings.

Trees are very important for mankind, as well as for animals, most especially the wild ones, because there are many uses and benefits these recipients can get and enjoy. Here are different advantages of planting a tree which is really beneficial for the environment. They may serve as an encouragement to you to start planting or helping plant trees.

Trees are Good for the Environment

Trees are great during hot or warm season. They bring coolness and freshness in the surroundings. The fresh and cool air can be attributed from the trees, because somehow trees have a good connection with the wind. It is really wonderful to live having trees around your area, more if it is within your backyard. You definitely want to breath cool, fresh air every day.

Trees are Home for Animals with Wings

Trees are a great habitat for birds, butterflies, and other winged animals. Birds of several kinds or species are great and amazing to look at in the sky. The colorful butterflies make better flying shows as well. You can be undoubtedly in awe at the beauty of these clusters of birds or tiny flying insects like butterflies. As their home, trees just become more and very important.

Trees Bring Serenity

You will feel at peace and relaxed when you are resting at the foot of a big tree. To make it more elegant and look interesting, you are laying in a hammock that is tied between trees. You start picturing yourself enjoying the freshness of the air early in the morning or before the sun sets. There is absolutely tranquillity and freshness around trees. Even outside home, when you just stop by a place filled with several trees, it is a wonderful and glorious scene. It helps you ease your mind and relive stress just basking into the beauty and coolness of your surroundings with some help of trees.

Trees Reduce Flood and Flash Flood

Flooding can be caused by trees that are being sewed down from hills or mountains. This is very rampant in places where there are constant rains. If there are insufficient trees, there is a high risk of flood in the nearby areas. The fact is that trees absorb water when raining, and that explains the reason why they can help prevent flood, including flash flood.

Trees Bear Fruits

It is also good to have fruit trees like apple, oranges and peaches, planted near your house. You can reap the fruits of those trees after some time. This will allow you to save some money in the process, as you won’t have to go to the store to grab some fruits. You can have the freshest orange or apple fruits right from your own yard. You can even start your own business from this idea.

Trees Need Trees

It is really recommended to plant trees at their own places or surroundings. If you love and care for your environment, you must plant at least one or two trees a month. After a year or just some months, you can have a few big trees. But of course, this depends on the kinds or types of trees you have to plant.

Surely the environment will improve and many people will benefit from tree planting. You do not only inherit the advantages of trees, but also your own neighbours, when in the future it can save the area from flood. With these benefits, it is really good to plant trees that become beneficial to you and others, too.

These are several advantages of plant trees, or helping plant trees. Trees bring you, your family and others hope, protection, and fresh air. So, expect to have a better future if you live in an environment filled with trees. You certainly can expect to reap these bountiful blessings when you plant trees. If not in your area where more trees are needed, you can find any places where you can volunteer yourself and extend your help. Wherever it is, as long as there is tree planting, both time and effort you invest are worth it. So, go green right away and plant trees!



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