Types of Milk for Drinking

Infants do need milk for their development and growth. Kids and teens also need to drink milk for their ages to keep their bones and teeth stronger. Even adults, especially senior citizens, need to drink at least one to two glasses of milk daily.

As you already know by the headline, we will discuss the different types of milk, which you can drink. It may be a very common beverage but not many people know the types and differences of milk.

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1. Cow’s Milk

Most people are familiar with milk from cow. Almost all of the milk you have drunk since you were younger is probably cow’s milk. The milk of cow is a great producer of calcium, as well as protein, which both help enhance the bones and muscles.

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2. Goat’s Milk

Another animal that produces milk is goat. This is considerably a good source of calcium as well. Not everyone tasted or likes to try milk from goat, especially if they are used to cow’s milk. Nevertheless, it almost has the same percentages of nutrients.

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3. Almond’s Milk

Not all are into cow or goat’s milk. For one major reason, they are certainly vegetarians. They don’t like to take anything from animals. Fortunately, milk is available in other organic resources, like almonds.

Almond’s milk contains the same calcium content. This is not only good for the bones, muscles and teeth, but also for maintaining weight, yet does not help lose pounds. Unlike cow’s milk, there is no protein included, and also high in sugar content.

4. Coconut Milk

You can also drink milk that is made from coconut. This is rich in saturated fats from medium-chain triglycerides, and potassium, so it is not that bad at all. It is recommended for people who are into low carbs to drink this kind of milk. However, it does not have the same amount of calcium as found in cow’s milk.

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5. Soy Milk

Another choice of milk for vegetarians is soy milk. It is also packed with calcium and other fats that are considered healthy. Apart from those, it does not have cholesterol at all, which makes a good beverage for the heart.

6. Rice Milk

Containing vitamin D, and, of course, calcium, rice milk is one alternative cow milk for vegetarians. It has calcium but not enough, and low content of protein. Another fact that is not really a nutritional fact is its high amount of carbohydrates.

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7. Hemp milk

One other choice of milk, usually for non-meat eaters, is hemp milk. It is packed with protein, giber, saturated fat and other healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acid, and calcium.

These seven milk are general types based on their ingredients. But even they are different in contents or resources, some milk have fat, others do not have. That’s when we can also classify milk in a more expandable reason.

There is the whole milk, reduced fat milk, low fat milk, and zero fat or non-fat milk. The primary differences of these are basically the fats and calorie counts. Whole milk is high in calorie and fat contents, while reduced fat milk has fewer counts. If you want something that is low in fat counts, low fat milk is the best option. For those who do not want without any fat at all, nonfat milk is what you can drink.

You can also buy milk that is either pasteurized or raw. Raw milk is usually a product of non-pasteurization process. That means it is not heated in a way that it should remove or kill bacteria. Therefore, pasteurized milk is a much better choice if you want to make sure there are no bacteria in the beverage. Yet, it is also believed that the natural enzymes, which are supposed to be healthful to the body, are removed during the process of pasteurization.

Which kind of milk do you like to drink on a daily basis? When you select a milk type, it must not be solely based on your belief that you are vegetarian or not. It must be also chosen based on the nutrition contents. At the end of the day, it is the vitamins and minerals that should make you choose the milk to drink.

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