The Difference Between Hybrid and Biofuel Cars

Are you familiar with the different cars that are available to use these days? Have you experienced driving a car that consumes a large amount of fuel? If you are trying to get a new car with better mileage, your choice should be focused on two types of cars.

Through this article, you will learn what hybrid and biofuel cars are as well as their functions. It is essential that you know how different they are and how advantageous to use them as far as mileage is concerned. A lot of people do like to spend less on the fuel or gas as much as possible. You’d learn more about this as you continue reading.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles

With the combination of advanced technology and green element, hybrid car is the outcome. Many manufacturing companies of automobiles nowadays are designing and producing hybrid model cars. A few of those companies that offer this kind of car are Toyota, Honda, and Ford. If you know the history, Toyota Prius is the first hybrid car manufactured. That’s when other companies also had interest in making hybrid automobiles. Among other models and brands are Toyota Camry Hybrid, Ford Fusion, Ford Escape, and Honda Insight.

The real question is how a hybrid car works. This type of car uses not just one power source but two for more efficiency and better driving function. These power sources are a combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, sometimes two or more electric motors, too. There are also other types of mechanisms used.

In addition, hybrid automobiles are designed to be eco friendly. That is because it is not fully fueled by gasoline. It has electric motor feature to run. So, in other words, this kind of car consumes less gasoline.

Biodiesel or Biofuel Cars

Biofuel Cars

For a much greener type of vehicle, biofuel is a good choice. This uses natural resources other than oil. In the United States, oil from foreign countries is usually bought, but manufacturers of biodiesel vehicles use their local products as sources of fuel. This does not only produce environmentally friendly vehicles, but also help boost the economy of the country.

To compare biofuel from hybrid cars, this type is runs through renewable fuel sources. They mainly use animal fats and vegetable oil to work. It is a good alternative of diesel engine, because it is very friendly to the environment. It is also a recyclable material because the oil used have been consume from cooking foods in restaurants and even homes. It lessens carbon monoxide emissions about 50%, plus the natural oil is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Unlike hybrid vehicles, biofuel cars use pure 100% green and renewable fuel sources. It is able to run with any natural oil or fat from animal or vegetables. But this type of car can also run with a combination of regular diesel.

When you go shop for a brand new car, try searching for biodiesel or hybrid vehicles. This helps you drive with the positive effect of spending less money. Also, you would help support the environment to become greener.



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