Ride Bike or Walk to Save Fuel

Let me ask you this very important personal question. How much do you spend on vehicle gas in a month? Is it $30, $50, $100 or more than that? In the US, the average miles per gallon are 22.5 MPG. An average price of gas per gallon is between $3.50 and $4.

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The average miles run by US drivers are 1000. So, the average money most Americans spend on vehicle gas for a month is around $150 to $400. I’m sure you are more surprised than my first shocking reaction when I found this out. It may be that surprising but it’s the reality we deal with every month.

I asked a few friends of mine regarding the total amount of gas they pay within a month. One told me that he uses a truck which usually costs him around $15 of gas per day. In a month, that sums up to $450 which is quite expensive. Another friend of mine typically spends less than that, which is around $250 to $300 a month! Someone from Canada shared to me he spends $170 on a monthly basis.

I only realized how expensive I spent on gas when I started calculating my expenses. That’s when I decided to walk or ride a bike sometimes. I was able to cut down my monthly gas expense of about $50 to $75 off.

What are the benefits of riding a bike or walking rather than driving your vehicle? Before I reveal to you the answers to that question, I just want to clarify something. First of all, I am referring to a solution on how you can reduce fuel consumption. This means that you do not have to totally ban yourself from driving your car. It only implies that you can opt for other means of transportation when needed just to cope with the expense.

1. Saves Fuel

If you need to get something from a few blocks away from your home or office, walking is definitely a good option. It may only take you 10 to 15 minutes to walk. Even that short period of time can help you in saving some gas.

2. Reduce Air Pollution

The less you drive the better chance of reducing carbon emission. You won’t only enjoy the advantage of saving fuel consumption but also contribute to the environment. If it takes you only a few short 5 minutes to drive from home to office, why not try riding on a bike during Wednesday and Thursday? Another particular solution is to ride on a bus or catch a train. You spend less for the fare compared to fuel consumption too.

3. Cut Down Money

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The general benefit of walking or riding a bike than driving a car is that you are able to limit your cost on gas. You may like to go to the gym two to three times a week. During those times, you can choose to walk or ride a bike instead. Besides, it can help you get warmed up for your main workout session. It is also possible that you take some miles for run once in a week. You can leave your car in the garage and just start running from home to cut down your vehicle gas consumption.

It is true that consumption on vehicle fuel can really eat up your budget. If you like to reduce a few dollars a week, you may decide to go for a walk, run or grab a bike. It won’t only give you financial benefits but also good physical condition or better fitness.



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