Recycling Tips at Homes

Many owners of homes are in harmony about the idea of recycling. Some seek the basic and simplest ways to recycle their household items and personal stuffs. As always, I’d share to you what I do frequently with my things that are considered to be reusable and recyclable items.

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Below is a list of what you can try doing to help promote the campaign of recycling right inside your house.

1. Store Recyclable Items

The first thing you must do is to sort out all of your items that are not usable or functional to you anymore. Bottles, cans, papers and newspapers are among the common items that you can put in containers. Store them in a box or container according to their kinds. Let’s say one box is for bottles and another container is for paper, cardboards and newspapers. It is actually much better if you use the right containers for recyclable items. This is called storage bin system that has labels. It is easier to classify them based on their general names.

You can instruct your kids and other family members to just drop them at the right container or box just like when they have to throw them after using. That’s why I always to my kids during their playtime to throw items at the right bin.

2. Contact Your Local Recycling Centers

Within your city or region, there is at least one recycling center that accepts usable items and broken things for reuse, recycle and reduce. If there is no particular recycling center in your area, you can find a nearby organization or company that buys recyclable items. It is important that you list down their details, especially contact numbers, email address and location address. This way you can easily get rid of your items but not totally dumping them just anywhere. They will be kept safe at the right hand which is to help avoid danger in the environment.

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As of now, I maintain contact with different local recycling centers, companies and organizations. I usually drop them to their locations or call them pick them up when I’m too busy to do so. Now, that’s your two options to clean up your recycle bins.

3. Sell or Donate Usable Items

Before you throw your things, you must first pause and think if they can still become useful. They may be beneficial to other people. If they’re still good enough, you can have a garage or yard sale. If not, donate them to charities, churches, schools, orphanages, non-profit organizations and other places that may need them. This is what we call reducing of items and not just throwing them because you do not need them anymore. I’ve done some charity fundraiser, garage sale before. Some of my friends even helped me by donating some of their used items such as clothes, shoes, electronics and even jewelry.

4. Reuse Items or Opt for Eco Friendly Materials

Recycling is not only about reusing and remaking items into something new. It is also about replacing harmful and chemical based materials to environmentally friendly ones. One good example is the use of eco friendly bags than plastic bags. Another particular example is to install vinyl windows than glass windows. It is not easy to be broken compared to glass which is very susceptible to damage.

There is nothing to lose if you can recycle and reuse some items. What you get is more beneficial because you are helping saving the earth from pollution. You just do not know how big that is in making difference in the world, particularly in your local area. I’m sharing all these as I found it as a better way of living when I can help change the world one simple task at a time. I believe, you can too!



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