Protect Your Teeth by Avoiding these Foods

Brushing teeth at least three times a day with some flossing and mouthwash gargling is what we know about protecting our teeth. This remains the best and most effective way of taking oral care. However, we should be aware of some risks also that can potentially harm our teeth. One of those is the reduction of certain foods that wreak havoc on teeth. You must know that not some foods can cause damages that make you avoid smiling or showing teeth.

Sugar and acid are the two main culprits of unhealthy teeth. They cause oral cavities, plaques and etched off enamels on teeth. These are the favorites of bacteria that can grow in and around your mouth. By then, it may be useless to just brush and gargle. So, what foods that are high in sugar and acid that you must avoid eating or lessen your intake?


1. Candies and Chocolates

You already know how fatal candies are in terms of taking care of teeth. While you may have avoided this, do not forget that kids love them. So, be sure that you discourage your children to eat candies, as well as chocolates, because they do not contain any nutrition but sugar. You can allow them to eat but not as often.


2. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Another kids’ favorite, and adults too, that must be rarely eaten is a sandwich filled with peanut butter and jelly. Most peanut butter are mixed with sugar that do not only cause bacteria buildup but also stick to the teeth making it more susceptible to oral problems. Even jelly and jam are sugary and sticky. You must limit the amount of peanut butter, jelly or jam that you spread on sandwich to avoid having damaged teeth. It is best to opt for natural peanut butters and fresh fruits that you can blend without too much sugar.

3. Soda

Sodas are refreshing beverages that you can sip whenever you are thirsty, especially during the summer season. While this can give you coolness, it is not a healthy drink at all. It also damages teeth because of the content of sugar and acid. You may think diet sodas are safe, too, but actually they are more dangerous. They may be low in sugar, but very high in acidity, so better watch out.

4. Apples

Some say that apples can help rinse debris on teeth. That is true, but this fruit is also naturally rich in acid, which can cause your enamel to damage. It does not mean that you have to stop eating apples. This is still one of the most recommended fruits to eat on a daily basis because of its nutrients. So, what you must do then is to keep eating apples but rinse your mouth right after to avoid getting oral issue.

5. Bread

There are also breads, particularly processed white breads, that have sugar. You must see to it that the bread you are buying does not contain sugar and other sweeteners. They can buildup bacteria in your mouth and get sticky in the teeth.


6. Popcorn

It is more interesting and fun to watch TV or movies with a box of popcorn on hand. This is true and still allowed, but take note of the fact that this food has caramel, which is sugar, that can cause bacteria buildup in the mouth and teeth. You can still eat sometimes but be sure to rinse with mouthwash or just plain water mixed with salt afterwards.

7. Meat

You need protein from different types of meat. But there must be restriction in the intake of this food, because it does not only affect health, but also teeth. Meat is usually tender and juicy that can get stuck in your teeth. This can cause tooth decay and buildup of bacteria. You have to brush your teeth and floss after eating.

These particular foods are alright to eat, as long as you know how to take care of your teeth right after taking them. You also only need to limit your consumption to have a more potential way of avoiding oral issues like cavity and bacteria buildup. Most importantly, remember to your local dentist regularly to have healthy and strong teeth.

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