Maintain Weight By Skipping Night Snacks

That moment when you workout during the day, eat vegetables and fruits, and drink protein shake, but then take some bites of chocolates or dessert before bed time. That is considered cheating, as you acquire full of fats and calories while you are trying to stay in a good shape. You may say just 1% but you have no idea just how much calories are accumulated even after an intense exercise or weight loss regimen.

I know some people, including myself when I’m still used to that habit a few years ago, who could sneak out at night to eat anything good found in the fridge or the kitchen cabinet. Whether they have regular exercise or not, there’s no difference as to the weight they gain. I also noticed that it seemed too long to lose weight. That’s when I realized I have a bad habit that must be stopped.

While there are foods available in the refrigerator, in the cabinets, in the pantry, and on the countertop, it would be really difficult to avoid visiting those areas. You are likely encouraged to check out for some foods even if you do not have the plan to actually eat. What should you do to help you skip any snacks at night? Can you even dismiss the temptation to grab cookies in the jar or scoop some ice cream?

There are triggers as to why you either unconsciously or consciously reaching your hand toward snacks. These are TV watching, playing video games, surfing the web, doing some work, and reading a book. All these home night habits can make you feel like you have the appetite to put something edible, mostly sweet and crunchy, in your mouth.

To help you avoid getting snacks at night, do not even consider buying anything. You better exclude those chips, chocolates, candies, and other junk foods the next time you go to the grocery store. While there are foods available at home, the mouth does not stop being busy. As long as you know there are brownies in the container or popcorns in the cartoon, it won’t be difficult to say no.

Another reason that enables a person to sneak in the kitchen is the feeling of tiredness. At the end of the day, you’d likely feel weary and lazy. That suppresses appetite even if you have eaten dinner. But take not that you usually have your meal around 6 to 7, and if you are still up until 9 or 10, you’d feel hungry by then. Instead of eating crunchy, sweet or salty foods, better drink a glass of hot green tea. Like other liquids, this helps fill your belly’s satisfaction. Not to mention that it is healthy and a good beverage for maintaining weight.

Healthy dinner must be the best habit at night. This is one other great idea to avoid grabbing late night snacks. It primarily involves the consumption of vegetables, lentils, beans and grains. These are foods that are substantial and nutritional. You won’t have to worry about the nutrients, and the satisfaction at the same time. It does help lessen your want to have midnight snacks.

One last thing to keep in mind is to refrain yourself from doing some night habits, unless it is the weekend. For instance, you are used to watching TV until midnight during the week days. Remember this is one of the common cues of night snacks. You can still do those things but not to the extent that it takes more than 2 hours. If it passes that and you still don’t try to go to bed, there is a tendency for a food call. That’s why it is recommended also to sleep early as much as possible. This makes you avoid the feeling of getting hungry.

There is no hard in trying even if it has been a habit for some weeks, months or years. As far as health and maintaining weight are concerned, keep off the snacks after dinner. You can do better than just sneaking in the fridge, which must be done during and after eating your meal at night.

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