Items Made Up of Plastic You Can Improvise

Plastic wastes are one of the most common causes of pollutions. You can find plastic everywhere. As a matter of fact, we are the ones that use and spread plastic anywhere. Because of this, water and air are polluted. The good news is that we can reduce, reuse, and recycle items that are made of plastic. It is the most effective way to lessen or prevent air and water pollution. Here are some of the materials or items that are made up plastic that you can create into something more usable within your house or community.


Shirts, pants, dresses, and other clothes are very important to people. I’m sure you will be amazed on the true fact that you can also create fashionable dresses out of plastic. Today, plastic materials can be made and used in jackets, hats, sweaters, and other items that are commonly worn by people.

Many different countries promote eco-friendly items to reduce the amount of pollution. More and more companies create clothes that made up of plastic bottles. In fact, there is one designer that mostly uses plastic bottles to create graduation gowns. That is something unique and eco-friendly.

Pens and PencilsImage Source: education

Pens and Pencils

One of the largest manufacturers of pens and pencils in Japan introduced “Be Green” pencils and pens. The advocacy is to support eco-friendly products. The bottles of their pens are made up of 89% recycled plastic bottles.


Chico bag is another company that uses recycled plastic bottles. A lot of their bags are made of plastic bottles. With plastic bottles, you can create some kinds of carpets and filler in sleeping bags.

Plastiki BoatImage Source: earthandindustry

Plastiki Boat

Many people are obsessed in unique items and many of us are using those unique items. One of the unique items that you can create out of plastic bottles is “plastiki”, which is a boat. However, you will need more than 12,000 plastic bottles in order to create one. This boat is constructed by David de Rothschild and was placed in the Sydney’s Maritime Museum.

The Spiral Island

Another unique invention that was created through plastic bottles is the Spiral Island. It was an island surrounded by nets and many plastic bottles are used to keep it afloat. This island was invented in 1998, but, unfortunately, it was destroyed by hurricane in the year 2005. It was reconstructed using 100,000 plastic bottles.

Waste of plastic bottlesImage Source: alibaba

Home and Personal Items

There are several ways to reduce the waste of plastic bottles in your own hands. It can be recreational, cosmetic, or something practical that you can use at home. Well, yes, you can also create certain items at your home.

If you have birds or like to attract birds, you can make a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle. You only make a hole and fill it with a wooden spoon before you place bird foods. Lastly, hang the bird feeder on any tree in your surroundings.

Another thing you can create through this type of material is a water container for your plants and vegetables in your garden. You can do this by cutting the head of the bottle and make it like a vase or pot then put several holes at the bottom of the bottle. Once you fill the bottle with water, it will release water like shower or rain.

With good intension and wide creativity or imaginations, you can do things that are made of plastic materials. After all, this is not only for your own goodness, but also for your family, including children, and the environment. So, take the time and interest to make a list of things that you can do or want to invent out of plastic materials, and help reduce wasting them that can cause pollutions.



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