Is Hand Dryer Harmful?

You go to the public washroom of the mall, restaurant or gas store. One thing that really makes you do before you leave the room is to wash your hands and dry them. The question is, have you thought just how accurately safe the hand dryer is?

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Most people think that the hand dryer has nothing bad to give but quickly dry wet hands. That is the main purpose why this equipment is made for in the first place. You get irritated with wet hands sometimes, especially when you are in a public place. This is when the hand dryer becomes very useful.

Another benefit that you can get from utilizing a hand dryer is the fact that you do not have to use paper products. This is helpful for the environment. Ironically, electronic hand dryers are powered by electricity. As you already know, electricity is from a natural resource too, which is water, unless it is fuelled by a solar panel. Regardless, without electricity or energy, you cannot use your electronic dependent products like this hand dryer.

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The surprising effect of using a hand dryer is that you actually get bacteria. Every time you use this in a restaurant, office, public toilet rooms, and others, germs and bacteria are transferred from the dryer to your hands. That answers the question from the headline that using a hand dryer is somewhat harmful, as far as health is concerned.

The solution is to avoid using hand dyers from any public areas. You have no idea just how many people who have colds and other illnesses that have used the same dryer. Are you getting the picture how the bacteria are caught onto your hands? For sure, that raises red flags for you and just realized just how dangerous it is.

If you have one at home, it is quite a lot safer. In fact, you can do more to prevent getting bacteria. A hand dryer installed at home should be replaced every 1 to 2 years. This is one solution to avoid ending up sick due to the bacteria and germs collected from this tool.

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Another prevention tip is to clean the dryer as frequently or regularly as possible. This does not only eliminate the percentage of bacteria that you can get into your hands, but also reduce the cost of your electric bill. While particles are trapped in the hand dryer, the longer time you place your hands under it, and this consumes double amount of energy. Therefore, cleaning a hand dryer should be kept in mind as an effective solution against bacteria.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of hand dryers, you must be able to have an idea when to use, clean it and replace it. To me personally, this is just a dryer and even if you won’t use it, you can still go on and move forward. Not to use it is much better to avoid having bacteria or germs, but again, you just have to be more careful before you put your hands under the equipment.



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