Ideal Items for Re-gift – Save Your Money

Phone calls have been ringing non-stop and invitation letters continue to stuff your mailbox. You are invited to attend some gatherings from birthdays to weddings. That said, you have to prepare not only yourself, but also gifts. Because of the enormous invites, gifts can cost you a lot. Do not fret as there is an alternative on how you can save some money. Try re-gifting instead!

What Exactly is Re-Gifting?

Based on its term, re-gifting is giving a gift that is already in your possession. This means that you do not have to go to any local store. Just shop right at your home! You look for any useful and still looking new, and untouched items, if possible, that you can give to recipients.

What Items Can You Re-Gift?


First, start by going to your bookshelf. You may have plenty of books there that you have already read. So, choose one or two that can be passed on to another reader. It is possible that this friend or family relative of yours happens to like Jane Austen’s novels.

Kitchen Tools

Now, take some time to see any item or items that you can re-gift in the kitchen. You probably have a set of glasses that are not yet used. That is a very nice gift for the bride and the groom. There are also the different mixing bowls or baking spoons and cups with cookie cutters. Other cooking utensils include pans, rice cooker, blender, and egg boiler.


Do not look further, as you may also find a 10-year old bottle of wine that has not yet been opened. That is such a luxury gift received by anyone! Well, if you are willing to give it up because you have more bottles stuck in the rack, it won’t be that hard to pack it then.


Take note that you cannot just give any item for special occasions. Your babysitter, for example, can be given an extra stuff for being punctual every time you call her. Scented candles would be a great item to give to her. Another instance is when you have a new family neighbor around. Greet and welcome them with a basket of some goodies and candles.

Shoes or Accessories

This time you can go to your bedroom and open the closet. A pair of shoes or a set of jewelry pieces is a luxurious item to give. If you have been a good care taker, anyone who gets them would be very much surprised how stunning the shoes or the earrings are.

Hygiene Products

Toothpaste, soaps, lotions, and essential oils are common items that you can find in one of your cabinets in your bathroom. If you have lots of extras, you can grab some and put them in a small basket or a paper bag, then just tie it with a ribbon to make it look presentable. That is already a gift for any occasion, or even when there is no special event at all.

The list of items for re-gifting is just a sample of many things that you can give to anyone. Have a look around in your living room to the kitchen and bathroom to bedroom for more. For sure, you have other things in mind now. This can benefit you a lot because you do not have to spend time going to the mall and shell out your money to find some gifts. Also, this is a good idea for people who are always busy and no time to really pay visit to a local store. It is less hassle and much easier, which you can accomplish in just a matter of a few minutes.



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