How to Recycle Newspapers, Magazines and Old Paper

Recycling is basically reusing materials for another purpose or a different usage. This does not only benefit you or your family, but also the environment. In time, you would save some money as well. There is no time wasted if you decide to recycle some old stuff.

One of the materials that you can recycle are paper. With newspapers and magazines, as well as old or used paper, there are many different things you can make. While you can drop off these used or old materials at any local recycling centers, first read what you can do with them that you can benefit from. Here are some things that you can create out of old magazines, newspapers and other paper types.

1. Mache Beads

Paper Mache beads are cool to make. They are not expensive because they are made of old paper. You can just paint each strip of paper before you make balls and create beads to have a bracelet or a necklace.

2. Ribbons

Do you remember the ribbon glued on top of a gift? With old paper, you can easily make some. To make it look more beautiful, paint the strips before you tie and make layers until you have a small or giant gift ribbon.

3. Basket or Vase

There is sturdiness on paper which some people do not know about. So, one way to recycle used paper is to create any shape and size of basket or vase. The end result makes you realize just how useful it is. You can use it as a jar for your extra pens and pencils, or a holder of plastic flowers.

4. Ornaments

With used newspapers or magazines, you can make different kinds of ornaments. From the smallest to the largest coils, you need several before you can attach them to strings and hang in the ceiling.

5. Wreaths

Another decoration that you can make out of paper is wreath. Whether it’s Christmas or not, you can hang one on your door. Just ensure it won’t be exposed to rain water, or your effort in creating a beautiful piece becomes worthless.

6. Handbags and Purses

Believe it or not, you can also create stunning bags and purses, even wallets with recycled paper! Unlike other items, to make a bag, you need lots of strips of paper. Of course, time, patience and creativity are pretty much required. The good news is that you will be proud of yourself afterwards. These used materials are certainly worth using as you can create a wonderful piece.

7. Picture Frames

With paper strips, you can make coils. Regardless of the size, from width to length, the coils are easy to glue on a scratch wood or plastic frame. Having said that, you are surely able to beautify and personalize your photo frames.

8. Mosaic or Canvas

If you are very creative, you can have an artwork using simple old newspapers or magazines. Mosaic art is certainly not an easy thing to do, but if you have the skill, it won’t be a risk to try. In fact, you can just decide to make abstract artwork with recycled paper. You may also want to make a simple canvas.

9. Gift Wrapper or Paper Bag

Instead of buying wrappers and paper bags at the store, recycle your old paper and make your own. Since you can paint paper in any color that you want, it is not a bad thing to cover any items for gifts using recycled paper.

10. Confetti

Of course, you can just cut paper magazines and newspapers that are colorful, and use them as confetti. Besides, the confetti you get from a bookstore or any store is made of paper.

11. Dancing Dollies

Your kids may love to have some paper dolls. To make it more entertaining for them, try creating dancing dollies! Little girls would love to have one. If you are working or sponsoring some charities for children, this is a nice and inexpensive gift you can hand to them.

12. Fire Starting Kit

Lastly, you can just simply add your old paper to your fireplace. It is easy to make fire with paper, whether you need more warmth in the room, start your compact stove while in the woods hiking, or other necessary circumstances.

These 12 items are just samples of the many things that you can do or make using old paper. They become worthy again if you can create beautiful pieces even if they are just for display on your table, door, wall post or ceiling. With recycled materials like newspapers and magazines, there is the opportunity to discover or enhance your creativity. So, try to do some of the things discussed above, but first of all, gather your old paper materials.



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