How to Choose the Right Color of Lipstick for You

Do you have difficulty in picking the right lipstick that should match your skin tone and lips? Is it a bit frustrating for you to wear the wrong color of lipstick? How are you able to beautify your lips other than lipstick? To answer these questions, we will discuss them in simple words and explanation above. At the end of reading this, you must be able to know how to choose the right kind of lipstick, including colors that are perfect for your lips, which you can match with your dress or outfit no matter what the occasion is.

1. Identify Your Lip Color

Identify Your Lip Color

Are your top and bottom lips pink or a little pale? Are they a bit brown or more red? You have to know your natural color because the best shade of lipsticks has to set the same tone. It will be an everyday color that you will surely learn to embrace and love it.

If your skin is fair, the ideal shade is dark red or coral red. Pink, brick red and cranberry are suggested for medium skin, also olive skin. Those with dark skin should go for brown red or burgundy red.

2. Mix and Experiment

Have a hands-on when choosing lipstick colors. The basic shades are red and pink, as they match to any outfit and color of dress. They correspond to most skin color, and even hairstyle and dye.

3. Wear Only When Needed

It is not a daily thing to wear lipsticks. If you are at home and no special occasion, you certainly just leave it the way it is. You only have to wear lipsticks if there is a special event to attend. A beauty secret tip is to wear something light in the morning. If you are on a gathering during the day, you can darken the shade and make it more noticeable. In the evening, whether you just go out for a movie or join a formal dinner, choose a redder shade.

4. Buy More than One Stick

When you go out to shop for lipsticks, lip gloss and lip liner, do not be content with just one color. One color can have different shades from light to medium and dark to red. Having more options is better to make up with your mood of the day without pointing to another color.

5. Try a Sample

Remember to not shop or pay without trying how the lipstick looks like on your lips. The label and color on the picture or the box may be different when applied on the lips. So, better ask if they have some samples that you can try and wear to see if the shade you are looking for is right. If you try to wear more than one, be sure to wipe out properly before applying another shade.

6. Use Lip Brush and Liner

It is not recommended to use a lip brush everytime you apply a lipstick. This only happens if you opt for a strong color like dark red. The brush is able to control how the shade is attached on your lips without making any flaws or cracks.

A lip liner is more useful as it helps line your lips perfectly. You better use the same color or a natural shade when applying a lip liner.

Every woman who wears lipsticks must be savvy in choosing and applying the right color. It must be only a basic beauty regimen that does not give you any frustration or stress. It is as the same as selecting the right pair of shoes that matches your outfit.

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