Green Decorating Ideas that are Easy To Do

Ever since I embraced the green lifestyle, I am always trying to find ways where I can achieve something and contribute to the preservation of the environment at the same time.  This proves to be true even in decorating the home. I think many moms would be able to relate because most if not all mothers would like their home to be as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.

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In today’s post, I have gathered some practical, simple and environmentally-friendly decorating ideas that you might find suitable in your own home.  Take note that while most of these suggestions are what I do at home, you can actually pick up the inspiration, create your own modifications, and make it as your own original decorating style.  If you’re into interior decorating as I am, each one would be a fun project for you.

Decorate with old jars :  Some perfume bottles are too pretty to be discarded and I also love glass jars with unique shapes, especially glazed bottles.  What I do is gather all these empty bottles and jars, arrange them together in a box or tray to make an captivating centerpiece for the living room table or the entry way desk.  You can pick out small flowers and stems from your garden to fill out your jars, and voila, you’ll have a brand new center table piece each week.

Re-use melted candle wax :  Collect all those melted wax and burned-down candles. Melt the wax in a pot in low fire. Find old pots or jars that are strong enough to hold the liquid wax.  Insert a wicker in the middle by tying the end to a tip of pencil hanging on top of the pot.  Let it cool down and set.  And there you have it- new candles to light up your home.

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Use lighting fixtures that are compatible with LED lamps :  Good thing that now you can find decorative lighting fixtures that make use of LED lamps which helps to conserve energy consumption and provides a longer lifespan.  You can remarkably cut down your electricity bill if you’ll switch to LED lamps instead of using fluorescent or incandescent lamps.

Avoid bringing in clutter to your home :  I am a minimalist and I like to look at clean, clutter-free spaces so I make sure that I don’t put it too many things on display. However, I know that some of you may love having a couple of things on the floor, on the shelves and table tops.  However, before purchasing a new furniture or decorative item for your home, consider very carefully if it would be suited to your interior space.  Otherwise, you might buy it out of an impulse or for the wrong reasons and it might end up as a clutter in your home.

Reupholster worn-out seats with old clothes :   If you think that your chairs are sad-looking or maybe you’ve had them for years and you have grown tired of their look, you can do a make-over project instead of purchasing new ones and discarding your old chairs.  You will be hitting two birds with one stone if you will use old clothes or sweaters as reupholstering fabric.  Perhaps you have stained sweaters or coats in your closet that you haven’t worn for years. You might be surprised at how stunning seat covers these would make.

Always find a new purpose of used things :  If you have grown tired of something in your home, don’t throw it in the trash right away.  Practice the green lifestyle and try to think of new uses for your old things before considering them as junk.  A good example is using empty jars of spreads and condiments as storage for the kitchen or for the home office.  This is so easy and practical. In our house, we use these jars to store in small things like pins, paperclips, tapes, buttons, etc.  What I like about it is that the jars are transparent so you can immediately see what’s inside the jar and quickly find what you’re looking for.  If you think you already have too many, why not give them as gifts to someone you know might benefit from additional storage.



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