Get Rid of Spiders Naturally

Spiders may not be that harmless, but sure they are considered as uninvited guests that can annoy you, or scare your kids. To deal with spiders, you have to know a few ways to prevent them. You may be thinking about using commercial pesticides or traps. While most pesticides are not eco-friendly and traps may harm your small children or pets, it is better to use natural solutions in getting rid of spiders.

Protecting your house and keeping insects at the same time are not a bad idea at all. Unless you are really annoyed by those pests, or they possess threats to both of your children and pets, here are natural ways of how you can shoo spiders away from your house.

Clean Your Home

The most basic thing every home owner or housekeeper must do to prevent having pests, like spiders, is to clean the whole house. A regular cleaning of the house from the inside to the backyard and front yard is not a difficult call of duty. One thing that really invites insects to come into your house in the first place is pollutants. Spiders like unclean and dark areas, so if your home doesn’t look neat and clean at all, the higher chance of this eight-legged insect to invade every room of your house.

Organize Your Possessions

Everything from books to clothes, dishware to indoor plants, etc. must be properly arranged. If they are just thrown anywhere, including the floor, they become a comfortable home for spiders, not to include other pesticides. So, aside from cleaning your house regularly, be sure to organize of all your personal items, too.

Put Trash Bins outside the House

As mentioned earlier, spiders are attracted to mess. That means you must not leave any trash bins inside your house. It is much better if you put them outside, even just right the back door of your kitchen. In fact, bins are where most spiders find their food, because they know that’s where other insects are found. That’s why keep every trash bin away from your comfort zone as much as possible.

Wipe Out Leaves and Growing Vines or Bushes

Vegetation around your home, including those that are in the garden or in your backyard, is where you can mostly spot spiders, too. You must not just clean the inside of your house, but also other areas, especially where your plants are. You may have some vines, bushes and other plants around, and you have to keep trimming them. If possible, just have some plants in pots, to avoid inviting spiders and other pests.

Use Natural Oils

Another idea of getting rid of spiders naturally is the use of some organic oils that this insect hates to smell. Peppermint oil, eucalyptus leaves or oil, orange oil, and hedge apples are some of the natural substances that can help reduce the invasion of spiders. Even baking soda can prevent spiders from coming in your house. You can spray some of these compounds in the door, window and other areas where they can enter, so before they step in, spiders would not think twice about coming in.

All of the ideas suggested and discussed above are natural ways on how you can get rid of spiders. The solutions that are mostly used in commercial pesticides are chemicals, which may contribute some negative effects on the health and environment. So, that’s when you really have to consider going for natural deterrents, which include the most basic household chore, which is cleaning. If you like to keep your home safe and green at all times, it is always a wise decision to opt for something eco-friendly.



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