Fossil Fuels – What are They ?

Fossil fuels are mostly discussed in news, company meetings, scientists’ rooms, debates at school and offices of politicians. They are not actually talked about in the neighborhood or at home. A lot of people are not even interested about knowing fossil fuels are. If you ask individuals they may only have one common answer. What they would have in mind is gasoline which is basically true. What else do we need to know about fossil fuels? How important are they that must be given some serious attention?

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Fathers and mothers can easily explain this kind of topic to their children who are already studying so they become aware of what really fossil fuels are and how they can give a positive impact to the environment. So, as a start, let’s define what fossil fuels are. Fossil fuels are any substances that originate from carbon. These are used as an alternative source of energy. The term “fossil fuel” is preferred because most of the carbon-based substances come from the remains of dead organisms such as animals and plants.

There are many uses of fossil fuels from simple to a more complex application. They can be applied in homes, in offices, in cities and in vehicles. The most common kind of fossil fuel is coal because it is easily formed from logs. This kind of fossil fuel is used in cooking, steam engines (locomotives) and even large power plants. It is primarily used to produce heat and electricity which are both needed in today’s situation from inside our homes and out to the neighborhood.

Gasoline is also a very common type of fossil fuel. Everybody is aware of what gasoline is and how it is useful to mankind. This is mostly used in vehicles for them to move and run for such distances. It is also applied in tanks to provide alternative electricity like in generators and heat in cooking gas. As of today, there has been limitation with the use of gasoline because it becomes expensive and greatly in demand. The supply of gasoline tends to in terms of amount. That’s why some people are now considering other sources of energy that provide the same benefits as gasoline. Haven’t you thought about the new cars that run with rechargeable battery or cooking oil? Well, they are some examples of alternatives sources of energy that can possibly replace gasoline.

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Fossil fuels are popularly known to be helpful as a producer of energy. However, there is also one major disadvantage of the use of this kind of energy. That is pollution which can give negative effects to the environment and apparently health. Fortunately, some automobiles are now loaded with clean gasoline and diesel which can help prevent pollution. So, if you have to use fossil fuels, make sure they are eco-friendly to assure cleanliness. Otherwise, it would just become a factor of environmental issues in the long run which our next generation would inherit someday. If we use alternative energy with positive impacts, we are not just generating the effects but also contributing on how our place becomes greener.



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