Eco-Green Bags – Useful Bags that are Friendly to the Environment

Bags are relatively among the common personal accessories of most people, especially women. These days, you can find several types, brands, sizes and shapes of bags. A lot of them are made of chemicals and toxins. These are bags that can greatly damage the natural resources. The good news is that you can now have eco-friendly bags.

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Many bags now are designed to be eco-efficient and friendly to the environment. Those are among the items that are helping people and the community to decrease the amount of pollution. It is very important to save the earth against harmful toxins from the stuffs used by people. Air pollution and water pollution cannot only affect the health of many people but also damage the ozone layer of the earth that is why we are frequently suffering from abnormal or unpleasant climates.

Sadly to say, not everyone these days has concern about the environment or the effects of items that can be harmful to the health. Those who think otherwise have to be more cautious and motivated to apply some eco-friendly ways. Right now, you are probably thinking about using eco-green bags. That is one good and big move you can make for yourself, for your family, and for the community. If you are nodding showing how much you agree with me, this is the right post for you to read so you are more encouraged to do the right thing. If you are one of those people who are quite skeptical or have some questions about eco-friendly bags, you are still welcome. In fact, this information is made more for people who have doubts or less interest about the usage of eco-green bags.

1. Candy Wrapper Tote and Clutch

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This kind of eco-friendly bag is made from a wide variety of bright candy wrappers. Many women and even little girls like a pouch and a tote made of this recycled material. One reason is because it is perfect for their budget. Since the materials used are recycled, the price is basically cheaper than most commercial bags available on the market. The best thing about this kind of bag is that it is made up of sturdy but soft, shiny and laminated foil paper. You may be wondering the noise a foil paper makes. Well, it’s not that distractive at all because every piece of foil that is made to come up with a pouch is uniquely stitched in a way that it won’t be noisy when you touch or hold it. Since this is a handmade version of pouch, expect it to be really useful.

2. Hemp and Silk Slouch Bag

This kind of eco-friendly bag is ideal for casual escapades such as weekend adventure with friends, mall tours, gigs, etc. A slouch bag consists of two exterior pockets which are good for storing important items like cosmetics, keys and phone. This bag is made up of hemp fabric and sometimes with silk that make a very stylish design. It can match any casual getups whether you are on jeans, skirt or full dress.

3. Vegan Bag

Among the popular designer bags available in stores worldwide are vegan bags. This kind of bag is eco-friendly because it is basically made of, none other than, vegetables. Hence, the name is vegan. The process of making such bag is quite not simple and takes a lot of time too. Because of that process, it is quite expensive to get a vegan bag. They are clearly made of eco-friendly materials but still stylish in their looks, durable and very handy. However, it is worth to make vegan bags because they do not pollute the environment.

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All of these eco-green bags are worth buying because they are not only friendly to the environment but also efficient to the pocket. Most eco-friendly bags are sold in a much cheaper cost. You won’t only helping lessen pollution or damage to your community but also providing yourself a way to save some cash. Another benefit is that you help those people who are making eco-green bags and make feel them that you appreciate their works. Sometimes hard works since they require some time and skills to create good ones.



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