Easy Ways to Create a Handmade Floor Mat

Floor or door mats are one of the home accessories that do not have to be new. You can just make on your own with scrap materials. Here are some ideas that you can do to create your own mats to place in your front porch, in the living room, in the bathroom and anywhere near a door of a room.

Wood Floor Mat

Wood Floor Mat

One great material to use for a floor mat is wood. You can use old wooden boards from a deck, fence or even a chair that is not already functional or valuable. You prepare a handsaw, a drill, a nail gun, and a tape measure. These are essential tools that help you build a door mat for your house. You simply cut the boards according to the size you prefer, assemble all together and nail them.

Rubber Floor Mat

Another trash that can be utilized for a door mat is rubber from a tire. You may have a flat tire that you can cut into pieces. Glue some pieces to create a much thicker layer. After that you can glue them up with a stronghold solution or nails. To make the mat look more presentable, paint the materials and dry them up before gluing them up. You can apply a coat of different paint colors for each piece, too. When you put them together, it is recommended to create a space between each cut out.

Nylon Floor Mat

You can also use ropes that are braided together to form a mat that you can place on a front door. Use a thick rope made of nylon as this is not easily torn apart or cut. You start weaving with your bare hand by forming a loose knot at one end of a single rope. You leave a tail, about 30 inches, on the right side then slack the one on the left. With gentle movement, pull down on loops and flip loops to left. After that you lift the first loop, cross it over the second. Weave the tail end and slack end diagonally to the right of the bottom part. Pull the rope through again and weave back to the top part so you can adjust the rope. Do the first step until you are finished making the desired mat. Ensure to sew and glue the ends after.

Pebble Floor Mat

Pebble Floor Mat

Pebble rocks can also be a good material to utilize in creating a door mat. Gather as many small stones as you can. Have a strong glue that attach pebbles together. You may want to paint each and every rock if you want it to look more colorful. But they look better when they are in their natural state. When gluing them together, it is also a great idea to place them on a board for easy transport whenever you need to move them.

With any scrap materials, you can absolutely create a handmade mat that can be useful in keeping dirt and other particles away. This lessens the amount of debris from footwear on the floor. That said, whether customized or bought, a floor mat is that important in a house.

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