Double Cleaning Power – Lemon and Vinegar

Lemon and vinegar are sour in taste, but this is not the only thing they have in common. They are also a good natural ingredient to use for cleaning. Both are effective as stain remover and disinfectant. Not to mention that they are cheap and definitely eco-friendly. Without further ado, here are the different ways on how lemon and vinegar are good cleaning tools.


1. Toilet

Pour vinegar in a spray bottle, as you turn off the water at the tank. Make sure there is not water in the toilet, so that may require you to flush down the remaining water. You need to empty the toilet as much as possible. When empty, spray vinegar on the hard water ring of the toilet, add a little borax, and then scrub using a brush or drywall sandpaper until the stain is wiped out.

2. Shower Heads

Deposits in the shower head must be removed. This is disgusting the next time you shower, but with vinegar, especially the white one, can help get rid of that. Just pour vinegar in a plastic bag and soak the shower head for hours or an overnight. After a long period, brush off deposits from the shower head and rinse with water.

3. Tubs

If you have a bathtub, expect to have soap scum. But this does not have to be a problem, because you can easily scrub it off with a little spray of vinegar. You do this on a regular basis to keep your tub clean, white and shiny.

4. Drains

Drains, whether from the sink in the kitchen or the bathroom, can be cleaned and maintained by using some amount of vinegar too. You just mix it with baking soda and pour on the area to wipe out scum and deodorize for better scent.

5. Glass Windows

Stains, dust and dirt on windows can be easily cleaned with vinegar as well. Just mix it with water, but both ingredients should be equal in amount, say 50% each. Gently scrub to remove any particle glued on the window from the inside and out, wash with water, and wipe with clean cloth to dry.

6. Floor

Light colored flooring, regardless of the material type, can make stain easily visible. To remove and clean it up, mix vinegar with hot water and mop or scrub on the stained area.

7. Dishes

Even your plates, bowls, platters, and other kitchen ware can be kept cleaned with the use of white vinegar. Use it as a dishwashing detergent to remove particles and keep your utensils clean.



Kitchen dishes that are made of Tupperware are easily stained and greased, that sometimes ordinary detergent cannot solve it, unless you use excessive amount of dishwashing liquid and scrub hard. For easy cleaning, use the juice of squeezed lemons and mix with baking soda. You can apply some and scrub right after or leave it for some hours, or better overnight.

2. Countertops

Without any ingredient added, a lemon juice is powerful enough to wipe out stain on countertops in your kitchen. This also works in removing any particle and stain on the kitchen island. Just be sure to rinse with water and dry clean for better result.

3. Cutting Boards

The stain on chopping blocks is usually not easy to remove. But when you use the most effective cleaning solution, it should not be a problem. Thus, let lemon juice clear stains and keep your cutting board spot free.

4. Clothes

No matter how big or small the pile is, doing the laundry is much cheaper when you use the juice of lemon as a stain remover on clothes. But it can be daunting as you have to pour lemon juice on the stained area added by cream of tartar to wipe out any stain on the fabric. Let the mixture soak for several minutes before you put in the washing machine and rinse.

5. Copper and Brass

To keep tools made of copper and brass naturally shiny, pour lemon juice and rub off over the entire area. It is effective in cleaning anything that is brass or copper plated. This is also useful in cleaning pans and stoves.

Do you know that the properties of lemon and vinegar are almost the same as ordinary commercial detergents in terms of cleaning? Like what is listed and discussed above, both ingredients are natural disinfectants and stain remover that help make your things and home clean. The next time you buy vinegar or lemons, grab extra for your cleaning solution. This helps you save some money as both ingredients are cheaper than any detergents and liquids for cleaning purpose. Plus, it is an eco-friendly solution since they are both natural ingredients. It means there are no other compounds mixed that can be harmful to the health and to the environment.



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