Do the Laundry the Fun and Stress-Free Way

One task of a mother is to wash the clothes of her children. Yes, I use a plural form of the word child, but even if you only have one son or daughter, the clothes can keep you busy.

Young children usually wear two or more clothes in a day. That is because they tend to sweat a lot since they are playful and want to do a lot of things that are physical. On top of that, stains can get onto the fabric of their shirts, which just make your laundry a much challenging one. Remember how they love the chocolate cookies and ice cream that can easily give stain on clothes.

Although they can wear bibs and table napkins, you still cannot avoid the dirt and dust or other particles from the environment. Whether you like it or not, laundry is a regular household chore. But pout not, because you can turn this chore into a fun activity. That can help your feel stress free as well.

1. Schedule and Stick to It

You may be busy with a lot of stuff, including the complete list of household chores. Remember doing the laundry is just one of them. And then there is the work or business thing. That said, it is just wise that you make a schedule when to wash clothes. It won’t be bad to do it once a week, but if you have a large pile of dirty clothes, you may need to schedule twice a week. The tip here is to find the best time that you are usually free. It means you all have the time to wash, rinse, dry, fold and store clothes in the cabinet or closet.

2. Sort Out Clothes and Organize

It may still be a few days from now until you do the laundry. However, everyday should be sorting and organizing. What this means is that you separate dirty and used clothes according to types and colors.

By the way, you must know the basics of laundry already. That is to know which clothes need warm water and which ones for cold water. Of course, you have to put dark clothes together, and lights or white ones on another. You also have to keep in mind that the towels, socks, and underwear are separated from shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, and other larger clothes. All these should be done beforehand, so you can just put them into the washing machine. This can help you save some time and effort as well.

3. Check the Pockets

Some clothes have pockets and that won’t matter at all unless there are contents. You have to remove those things before you put them into the washing machine. This should be done when you are sorting or organizing clothes.

4. Prepare the Laundry Detergents

Aside from the clothes, cleaning products for laundry must be prepared in advance, too. Make sure that you use detergent that is eco-friendly and effective in removing stains, dirt, and other particles. It is important to use something green and friendly to both health and environment.

5. Control the Amount or Level of Water

During the laundry process, it is important to use clean water with the right amount. Each and every load needs a particular level of water when washing. You have to know if it is too much or less. The result must be you are able to do the laundry with efficiency.

It is not a big deal to wash clothes for your family, especially if you younger kids who get more amount of stains than anyone in your family. As you do this on a regular basis, it is just a great idea to have fun and do not allow stress to get a room. So, ensure you keep the laundry tips suggested below on your mind.



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