Common Mistakes People Do with the Use of Energy

Receiving your utility bill is one of the days that certainly make you roll your eyes. You do not want to read the latest amount of what you need to pay, but you have no other choice. The good news is that you can reduce your worry and anxiety over the bill when you know how to conserve energy.

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Many of us are not aware regarding how to conserve energy in the most sufficient ways. There are plenty of tips that can guide us to be able to save energy, and eventually help us prevent paying high bills and maintain the environment clean and green. To be able to do that, pointing out common mistakes that most people do when it comes to the usage of energy is a must. When you do, it can lead you to finding solutions that will gradually minimize the use of energy.

Electric Appliances

Gadgets like cell phones, MP3 players, video game consoles and computers, home appliances like televisions and refrigerators, and other electrical items can consume a huge amount of energy. The common mistake most people do is keeping their appliances plugged in even when they are turned off or not in use. Even if a television is turned off but plugged, for example, the cycle of consuming energy has not stopped. So, while you are not watching TV shows or movies, if your device is plugged, you are wasting a large amount of energy. The solution of this is very simple, which is to unplug those units everytime you turn them off. That way you are able to use less energy, and you will be surprised just how much you can save.

Light Bulbs

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Choosing light bulbs wisely can help you conserve energy too. You may think that the kinds of lights used at home don’t matter, and this becomes a mistake. It is always considered a very wise decision to select the right fluorescent light bulbs. So, here is a fact, which most people may not realize – fluorescent light bulbs with the right CFL can consume 75% energy that can last up to ten times longer. With that said, you are able to save 30% on your electric bill. Although, this kind of light bulbs is expensive, but can ensure that they are really worth buying.

Air Conditioner and Heater

There is also one common mistake with the use of air conditioner and that is setting it in high temperature. Your air conditioner can also make your utility bill high when you set the temperature at a high level when it is not even necessary. How to conserve energy here is to simply set it at the right and comfortable temperature. The same solution applies to the use of heater during colder days like winter. If you are able to withstand the coldness at a lower temperature, then so be it.

Washing Machines

Plugging your washing machine without using the unit is enough to consume a huge amount of electricity. However, that’s not the common mistake of most people at all. It is about the wrong way of using the washing machine. Some tend to wash clothes with a machine but loading only a few items in a single washing. That ends up using the machine for a long time; hence, prolonged consumption of energy. To resolve this, it is better to load more clothes as much as possible in one washing, instead of putting only small loads. Just make sure to consider the capacity of your washing machine and you are not overloading, to avoid damaging your unit.

Because most of the home items are operated by electricity, it won’t be easy to avoid plugging them in the wall outlets or cords. However, it is a matter of being responsible and alert in regards to the use of each gadget and every appliance you have at home. The basic rule of thumb is to turn off and unplug the units when they are not in use. This is the greatest and easiest way to lower your electric bill.

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These are ideal ways on how to consume less energy at home. If you want to receive your bill next time, it should have been cut off by at least 20 to 30%, but if you can save more, the better. When you do the proper things as mentioned above, it will bring you a great sigh of relief. You are not only making this beneficial to you, or specifically your finances, but also help reduce the use of energy in general. This is because you help your own community clean and green when less energy is consumed. As you may realize now, it does provide you a better living not just inside your house but also outside your own premises. Thus, keep all these things in mind everytime you use your electronics and appliances.



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