Common Healthy Habits and Tips of a Busy Mother

A full time mother is one of the best jobs in the world. Yes, it is considered a job, but not necessarily learned and get paid as what she supposedly deserves. Applause and appreciation are the best rewards for that. So, if you are a mother, whether full or part time, you should feel proud. There is no better feeling than being a mother to your own kids.

As you try to focus on being a mother, there are things that make you unhealthy and easily get tired. Those are habits that must be recognized and avoided as much as possible. Because of too much concentration on kids and house chores, we forget to take care of our body and health.

Problem 1: Tiredness and Stress Stimulate the Intake of Food

Solution 1: Eat Healthier Foods

I’ve been a mother of two kids for almost ten years now. My first son is 9 and my daughter is 5. I do get tired a lot since those ages of children are still very active, full of energy, and sometimes notorious. Due to the countless hours I spend for them, I get hungry much. But because they are picky in foods, I couldn’t really cook the healthiest foods I can make from the ingredients in my pantry. My husband wouldn’t be home until dinner, and sometimes after, so I had the habit of not cooking real meals. I only tried giving what my kids want and that’s totally not right at all.

I do get hungry and eat, but nowadays, I learned to make sure I prepare healthy foods not only for myself, but also for my children. Mothers, if this seems a familiar situation, I am telling you it is not a good habit. It must be stopped as much as possible, because your healthy is not the only one that is jeopardized here, but your kids’ as well.

Solution 2: Never Skip Meals

There were also times that I did not eat at all. If I had, it was already an hour or two hours late. If you have small children, you’d likely get the chance to only eat when they are taking a nap or doing something that keeps them quiet. It was hard for me to put them to sleep right after lunch when they were still younger. That gave me the bad habit of skipping meals sometimes.

I could only chow down a handful of cookies, sandwich or sometimes the leftover of my kids. One health rule is to never forget or skip to eat meals, regardless of how busy you are. You may be doing a great job as a mother to your kids, but this can backfire in the long run.

Problem 2: Too Much Work is Unhealthy

Solution 1: Get Rest

Each and every mother does deserve some treat. The kiss and warm embrace of kids are very priceless, but they are not enough. Rest becomes a luxury when it comes to a mother fully devoting her life to her children. You must find time to lay in bed, close your eyes, and have some rest. This helps you recharge yourself and alleviate stress.

Solution 2: Do Other Things You Love

Aside from enough sleep and rest, a mother needs to explore other things that interest her. There may be the passion of reading books, knitting clothes or quilting blankets. You can also try a much healthier habit, like jogging, walking your dog out, and swimming in the pool. You must not dismiss those habits that can make you happy and feel satisfied, too. They are a great way to soothe stress.

There are things that are obviously not right, and mothers do know them, but circumstances can sometimes make you fail to ignore them. But take note that there is no excuse or hindrance from keeping yourself in a good shape and maintaining a healthy body. You still have to be concerned about your well being. As the popular phrase says, “love yourself before you love others”, and the others here refer to kids. You may also reverse the order, but still includes yourself.

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