Clothes for Recycling – Reusing Old or Used Clothes

Turning your old clothes into new stylish ones is such a great idea! Have you seen some people shrugging eco-friendly bags on their shoulders or carrying around them wherever they go? That is something familiar isn’t it? If not used for other items, you may not necessarily throw them away. Oh, wait! What about if they do not fit well anymore? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about. Recycling old and used clothes which means you cannot just dump them yet or use as wiping cloths. There are several, and in fact, unlimited ways to make items that are creative and useful. What’s more interesting is that they are created out of used and old clothes.

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Luckily, there are many people around the world who are aware about the current status of the environment and they care about protecting and it. More and more people are starting to change their lifestyles in order to help save the earth. Sad to say, that not all people around the world are helping to save the earth. There are several ones who would throw toxic and non-biodegradable items anywhere that cause pollutions. Throwing garbage anywhere is prohibited in many regions but still I don’t understand why some people do not follow that simple rule. There’s nothing to lose if they can just simply comply with it.

Anyway, making your old and used clothes reusable is what I intend to share. There are lots of items that can be made out of clothes. Some common samples are pouches, bags, Christmas and décors. It can really help if you have certain clothes to recycle and reuse for other purposes. You won’t only make creative and beautiful new items but also prolong your investment on them. If you can pile the amount of all those clothes, it can sum up to hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. At least, you can still use them in a way that you do not just dump them afterwards.

1. Quilt

The most traditional item that can be made from used clothes is quilt. Do you remember when your grandmother used to sew old clothes just to make beautiful and cozy blankets? Perhaps, it’s time again to do that and continue the favorite hobbies of most typical Westerners. While this is an easy thing to do, having enough time is what you may have to deal with. If you find sufficient minutes to do one quilt, then that is a very productive work, I should say. You simply cut clothes into the same sizes and shapes or even irregular dimensions and stitch them together to create a large blanket you can use every night. To give you more motivation, you can make as many as you can that you can sell to your friends and neighbors. It is one simple way to have extra cash that does not require you to put up a capital at all.

2. Bag

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Another common item that is made of old clothes is bag. It is regarded as an eco-green bag because it is not obviously manufactured from toxic materials unlike those plastic bags out there. With a few stitches here and there, you can make your very own and personal eco-friendly bag. Even denim jeans can be used to make bags. You just have to learn the specific steps on how to create such beautiful bags from recycled clothes.

3. Stuff Toys

One cool particular item you can create with used clothes is a teddy bear or any stuff toy for kids. If you are creative, it won’t be difficult for you to visualize an animal that you can make out of strips and pieces of clothes. Perhaps, you may make personalized stuff toys that you can sell or give away to kids for Christmas. This would not only make you feel helpful to the environment but to give joy to children too.

4. Hand Puppets

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It is also fun to make hand puppets from several of your used clothes. If you are a teacher, this is definitely handy and useful at anytime. If you are a mother who usually provides bedtime stories to her kids, this works. Whatever your role is, if you want to recycle clothes, try to make some hand puppets. This does not only become useful for you as a maker but also a precious way to give joy and smile to the audience especially kids.

5. Rugs

Do you know that most rugs and door placemats are manufactured from recycled clothes? Yes, most companies that make rugs and mats to place behind doors are recycling those old and used clothes. No matter how dirty and old they are, those scraps are made fresh and new so they become useful to consumers. Now, you won’t have to buy new rugs if you can make some on your own using your old clothes. This is another way for you to save some money. Just spend more on the time during the weekend.

6. Pillows and Covers

Aside from blankets and quilts, old clothes can still be reusable by making them pillows. Cut clothes into pieces and put them in a pillow sack, then voila! You can now have a good night sleep with a new pillow made of recyclable items. You can even use clothes to make a pillow sack and a cover. Just stitch them to the width and length you want.

7. Hair Clips

Even for a few strips or small pieces of used clothes can be usable. That’s when you want to make as tiny pieces as hair clips. Just cut small pieces of those old clothes and you can create a beautiful hair clip for your little girls. You only have to be really creative if you make such petite items for accessories. It requires careful processing because you have to cut small pieces of clothes and then sew or stitch them together so you can make one piece of a beautiful hair clip.

If you are wondering why recycled clothes are the most popular items to reuse, there’s only one simple explanation. That is because they are easy to make in various items of different sizes and shapes. If you care about the environment, start reusing your clothes once they become unfit to your body and make them useful again. This is a good and fun solution that you can easily do at anytime of the day.

In case you are very busy without enough to make as such, the best thing you can do is to donate or sell them to recycling centers that manufacture reused items. At least you are still contributing on how to protect the environment and how to save some money.

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Imagine if those clothes are just dumped in the storage bin or on the ground. They can make good causes of pollutions when they block the pathways of water, air, etc. It is much better if they are reused for other purposes. This does not only benefit the environment in general but also personally to you. Remember just how important and essential your old clothes are. They are indeed very ideal to use for some recycling process.

Recycling materials such as old and used clothes are really eco friendly. They have great impact to the environment as well as to you and your family. Perhaps, if you donate them for kids or other people to use them, then you are contributing help to different individuals around the world. You can surely help to lessen the amount of pollution with this simple act. And the best thing about recycled clothes is that they do not need to undergo an expensive and long or complicated process to make them very beautiful, stylish and useful once more.



  1. Thank you for sharing such fun and green ideas!
    To save our planet, it is important that we infuse green living in every facet of our lives. Everyone must know about recycling bottles, papers and plastics, but recycling clothes is something that is quite new to many. I hope more people get to read your post and see your great ideas!


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