Chores for the Whole Family

Having a big family is beneficial when it comes to home responsibilities. You won’t have any problem doing tasks all by yourself if there are plenty of hands to help out. Before you start making a chore list, it is best that you know the dos and don’ts of making assignments or giving tasks to each of your family members. Not everything can be done and accomplished by children, as some may be harmful and dangerous for their age or abilities.

List Down All the Chores

The first step of making a chore list and before splitting them to your family members is to identify all the regular home responsibilities. There is the laundry washing, car washing, dish washing, floor mopping, bathroom floor scrubbing, vacuum cleaning, room de-cluttering, etc. The list is usually a long one, but make sure everything is written down so it is easier to divide them among members.

Recognize the Ages and Abilities of Your Children

How many kids do you have and how old are they? You surely know that information but pointing out who is which can be helpful. The second thing you have to do after listing all the chores is to distribute them. Your kids must be given home chores that are within their abilities. A 7-year old child is not recommended to vacuum the carpet, but can already wash the dishes. The oldest one, who may be 12 years old, can wash the car, but do not give it to the 9-year old yet. When it comes to gender, girls usually help with the laundry and other jobs for mothers, but the boys must be taught and encouraged to do some manly chores.

Ask for what They Can Do

Basically, you have to set up a meeting with them regarding the distribution of house chores. While conducting this small affair, ask your children about the things they want and would love to do. This is easier for you to split the house works for each child. If some kids do not want a particular work, then at least you can have a fair play by making a draw. Whatever name is picked from the pieces of paper, then that’s the person who would do that certain chore.

Make a Schedule

The next step is to create a chore list. To have a fair distribution of chores, it is better that you alternate their schedules. This means one child may do this and that for the rest of the week, while the other kid will cover them for the following week. This is a better idea to avoid complaints from your children. Again, only the jobs that are easy to do and complete by kids based on their abilities and ages. For instance, washing the dishes is a very simple chore to do by any kids regarding of ages, except a 5-year old and below child though.

Post the List in Plain Sight

Once everything is finalized, you can make copies in places where your kids are reminded of the different chores assigned to them. The refrigerator door is one good spot to post the chore list. Another good place is the mirror in their rooms. Just somewhere where your kids can see clearly and largely is a nice location to post it.

Children must know and understand the importance of doing some house chores. It must not be known to them as a responsibility for being your children, but a part of your family team that needs to work together. Do not forget to acknowledge their accomplishment also, no matter how big or small that is. With that said, give them some rewards so they will feel proud and happy for themselves, too. At the end of the day, all of you will have fair share and remain a happy family.



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