8 Ways to Cope with Stress

Stress is becoming common and it is a natural feeling as we do things on a regular basis. But if you are so stressed out, that is not healthy at all. You need to find a solution that makes you feel less stressed. Otherwise, it becomes worse that it may affect your mood, productivity and relationship with others or even to yourself. Here are a few things that you can do to cope with stress.

1. Breathe In and Out

Take a break and just literally breathe. Do the process of breathing in and out for several times. You need to ensure your heart is beating normally and that you have enough positive oxygen. This helps make you feel a lot better, even though it cannot fully solve what problem you are having.

2. Identify the Origin or Source of Stress

How do you think you are stressed? What is the factor of the stress feeling you have in the first place? You must know the answers to those questions. It is easier to know what to do with any issue you have. It may be about work, family, relationship or money. Once you know the source of that problem that is causing you stress, at least the first step in finding a solution is settled.

3. Do Not Mind What You Cannot Control

There are things in life that we obviously cannot handle the way we want to. There is your boss that tells you what to do and you have no choice but to comply. There are friends and relatives who can cancel appointments with you, or change their behaviors toward you. That’s life as people change and you have no control of that. It will just make you more frustrated, giving your more anxiety and stress. So, concentrate on the things that you can control. This is easier for you to do as it can correspond to whatever you want or prefer. It is one effective way to reduce stress and avoid being stressful.

4. Create a Timeline

If your life is organized, it is less likely to have stress. This means that you know when to do things and what to accomplish for the day. It is helpful for your part in reducing stress. For instance, you have a goal of finishing certain house chores on the weekend. You must only do what’s on the list and do not attempt finishing others, even if they are not necessary. This same applies at work. You must not try working after your shift, although you are not yet tired, or else it’s an invitation of having more stress.

5. Play with Your Pets

If you have a dog or a cat, take time to play with them once you are home after a long, tiring day in the office or at your business place. Petting animals is one proven solution against stress. Do that more often just by tapping and touching them. This really works in making you feel a lot better.

6. Do the Things You Love

List down all the things you like to do or love the most. You have to spend more time doing those to help you out de-stress yourself. It is also an effective and healthy way to feel much better.

7. Have a Cheat Day

It is always recommended to eat healthy foods, but you can violate this diet rule sometimes. When you are stressed, you must go out and hunt for food. Something that you rarely eat or haven’t tried is a good choice. Invite some of your friends or family members for some food hunt.

8. Sleep

If you are exhausted, do not fight the need to sleep. Take enough time to sleep and just recharge yourself. The next time you woke up, it won’t be the same anymore, either reduced or fully gone. Regardless, the point here is to have some rest, even if it takes you a short period of time.

Stress can be a regular condition, but do not tolerate the level to go higher. You need to cope with it despite the kind of source or factor. Nevertheless, the 8 things discussed above are helpful to overcome and avoid stress.



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