7 Tips to Help Avoid Break-Ins from Robberies

Home invasion is either premeditated or randomly selected. Regardless, nobody likes to experience robbery in their own house. It is not an act that must be tolerated at all. While night is the best time for thieves to break in, you must be aware that even during daylight robbers can enter homes and steal. But there are different ways to prevent this from happening. Sometimes, robbers pick their house because of certain things, and those are the triggers that you need to learn and get rid of as much as possible in order to avoid break-ins.

1. Always Lock Doors and Windows


Do not leave your house open at anytime of the day, especially at night. This gives opportunity for burglary activities. Houses that are locked can be easily broke in by experienced thieves, so the easier for them to get into your home when there is an open door. Even windows should be securely locked at all times. Windows with larger frames or panels can make them fit to pass through. When locking, use a more reliable type of locks. Also, double or triple the locks on each door and window.

2. Install Cameras

Security cameras

Security cameras are usually helpful in a lot of ways as far as protection and prevention are concerned. Many thieves do not like to break in when they see security cameras installed in a residential home. It is effective enough to shoo them away from your property.

Also, you may be a victim of robbery, but when caught in one of the cameras, you’d get a chance to know or have an idea who the burglars are. You should mount at least one at the front door and another at the back.

3. Add Sensor

Add Sensor

Another advanced security type that you can install in your house is a sensor monitoring system. It helps detect any burglar in a house. This is a very reliable tool to prevent break-ins and robberies.

4. Secure the Yard

Secure the Yard

Large or tall shrubs and overgrown trees are a good spot for burglars to hide. You need to consider these also as a trigger for possible break-ins. So, what you must do is to trim them as frequently as you can. Do not have a lot of trees around your yard as well, because criminals can also use that as a way to survey your home. Take not that they do like to plan in advance.

5. Avoid Showing Off Valuables

One thing that really attracts burglars is stuff they can steal. If they know you have this and that, there is a chance that your home is the number one pick. You need to be more careful about your personal belongings. They must be hidden as much as possible. Also, they need to be out of public view. That’s why it is recommended to have your curtains down and doors closed.

6. Use Illusions

Doing a trick that can discourage robbers is also a very effective means to prevent home invasion. You can create something that makes intruders think there is someone in your house, such as a shadow of a person but then it is a doll or a box shaped as a human. This should be a great idea to shove thieves away when you are out of town. Having your lights turned on at night, whether you are home or not, is also a great help.

7. Never Leave a Key Out

A lot of home owners still hide their key or spare key in an obvious place, like behind a door mat. You should never do this anymore as it is a common thing to everyone. Even kids already know about this. If you are going out, you should take your home key with you.

These seven tips can help you prevent burglary and other criminal acts in your home. You have to be careful at all times and do the right ways to avoid encountering intruding activities from robbers. Every home owner should know this as it is not only a way to protect your belongings and valuables, but also your life. Sometimes, a simple robbery can go worse, so think of yourself and your family, too, when applying security measures like the ones suggested here.

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