7 Online Jobs You Can Try

If you are looking for a job that you can do at home, this is the information you need to read! Whether you are on your t-shirt and pajamas, these jobs are fun and rewarding to do! Are you ready to earn some cash from working online? Here are 7 choices you can try doing for starters.

Job 1: Online Teacher or Tutor

This kind of job pays about $10 to $14 an hour. You can teach kids who may range from grades 6 to 12, and college students. It does not matter if you are a teacher by profession or not, you can tutor or teach students who are seeking online education and assistance. Even mother, a college student, and an unemployed individual can work as a teacher as long as they pass the application required.

Most of the subjects taught are Mathematics, Calculus, Science, Chemistry, and foreign languages. The most exciting part is that the teachers or tutors can set their schedules, as long as both parties agree.

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Job 2: Writer/Blogger

One of the popular online jobs these days is a writer. Many write for articles and other contents for websites as a part of Internet marketing to entrepreneurs. This is a rewarding job because it pays 10 cents to $2 per word, or at least $5 per 500-word article.

Either a blogger or a writer, this job is a good choice in terms of earning monthly income. Plus, it is a flexible job, because you have your own time to work. Most companies or employers looking for writers only require them to work for at least 40 hours a week at anytime as long as the entire week quota is covered.

Job 3: Proofreader/Editor

Editors are paid higher than regular writers. It is much easier to edit articles but is packed with loads to work on. Their job is mainly to spot mistakes, such as grammar errors, spelling, punctuations, and fillers, and correct them.

Job 4: Data Entry Specialist

This job is also not a very difficult one to do. Most first time online job seekers usually start with this kind of work. It is basically entering data in Microsoft Excel sheet, organizing information, and searching details, such as websites, phone numbers, and email addresses. The only thing to beat is the long hours of sitting. It may be an easy job to many but also a daunting work at the end of the day. However, it pays some bills and other personal expenses.

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Job 5: Virtual Assistants

This is a high paying online job. You can earn about $44,000 annually! The job is simply to be an administrative assistant. Daily tasks include answering calls, emailing, managing websites or blog sites, and even social media networking. There are many various things to do but the wages are worth it. You do not have to finish college or have a degree in order to be a virtual assistant. As long as you meet the basics requirements, you can get hired that fast!

Job 6: Customer Service Agents

Another leading and in-demand job online is a customer service agent or customer service representative. The average compensation is about $8 up to $15 an hour. You either make inbound or outbound calls. Your task is to mainly offer products or services. If not, you give assistance to customers whoever needs some technical help and support. The process of applying to this job is a bit crucial than other online jobs. You are required to pass the background check phase.

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Job 7: Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper is somewhat a fun, cool job. It is quite a bizarre type of job, but very satisfying as you can earn about $5 per assignment. You are given to find stores on the Internet, like them, buy items, and others. You put yourself as a shopper and provide your personal experiences, which means you list down some pros and cons, as well as suggestions. Just be sure that the sites you are visiting are legitimate as there are many scams that fall under this category.

There is a different excitement when working at home. You basically have the comfort you need to work, which means less stress. You also do not need to prepare much before going to work, since you just turn on your computer and start working. There is no more hassle of wearing the proper attire and driving your car.

Just remember that before you get a job, make sure that you know your rights. This means you must have checked whether the job is legit or not. You do not want to waste time and effort doing things that do not pay you in the end. Always be on the lookout for legitimate jobs online.



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